Historic, Haunted and Happening! India’s Most Haunted Tourist Destinations

A wise man once said, “During the day, I don’t believe in ghosts. At Night, I’m a little more open minded.” While it is true that most of us don’t believe in ghosts and goblins, as we ever rarely experience anything supernatural in our day to day lives, we still hear about places that are frequented by so called spirits and are known for paranormal sightings. But what exactly is a haunted destination? A quick google search would state it as – a place frequented by ghosts. Now the question arises that how can we really define something as ghostly? We often hear about the stories of encounters with the ghosts but how readily do we believe them? In order to tackle all these questions with surety, we need to experience the supernatural with our own senses and this article is going to provide you with ample ammunition to satisfy your cravings for a real paranormal adventure. So get ready, pack your bags and set your coordinates to one of these top most haunted tourist destinations in India.




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Located in between Alwar and Jaipur in Rajasthan, the fort of Bhangarh is considered as the ghost town of India. The old fort still holds witness to a bygone era of Maharajas and Rajwadas with its sublime Nagara style of architecture in its buildings and sculptures. But there is something off about the buildings of the fort as none of them have an intact roof and it is said that if anyone tried to inhibit the place and build a roof, it mysteriously gets caved in and eventually crumbles. The stories of the Bhangarh haunting revolve around a Tantrik who cursed the place to be deserted forever and even though, the town is uninhabited by humans since the famine of 1783, locals report hearing all kinds of noises and ungodly screams coming from the fort. Also, the Archaeological Survey of India has classified this place as haunted and it is prohibited to enter the fort before sunrise and after sunset.

If you want to experience a bone chilling encounter with ghosts, I highly recommend you to visit the Bhangarh fort and who knows? You might get to hear the screams of a ghost or just enjoy the melody of local peacocks and weasels having a karaoke night inside the ruins. You won’t find out unless you go there and experience it yourself.


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The black sandy beach of Dumas is a popular tourist destination in Gujarat and has tons of creepy stories associated with supernatural activities that haunt it. Located approximately 20 kms from the city of Surat, Dumas beach is lush with sandy shores in the backdrop of the blue Arabian Sea. As the ‘black’ in the black sand name of the beach suggests, the grey hue of its sand has given birth to a plethora of blood curdling spooky tales. One of the prominent tales states that the beach was once a cremation ground for corpses and the ashes of the cremated corpses turned the sands to black in colour. People have reportedly claimed to hear weird sounds coming from the beach and have witnessed seeing glowing orbs near the area.

If you are convinced that those glowing orbs are nothing but probes from an alien ship or some UFOs, then I would still recommend you to visit the beach once in your lifetime as an awesome adventure with aliens is on the same level of coolness as having an adventure with the ghosts. It’s a win-win situation anyhow.


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If you are interested in the ghosts of the fairer sex then look no further than the D’souza chawl. Located in Mahim, Mumbai, it is considered as one of the hotspot centres for paranormal sightings in India. The ghostly legend surrounding the chawl states that an unfortunate lady slipped and fell to her agonizing death while fetching water from the local well and now her spirit haunts the whole chawl. The locals have testified that after the dusk, a phantom stalks the well and the surrounding areas of the chawl, although, the said phantom has never harmed anyone to this day.

If your imagination of ghostly beings takes heavy inspiration from the Bollywood classics like 20 Saal Baad and its subsequent B grade copies, you might be disappointed with the fact that, D’souza chawl ghost doesn’t wear a spotless white saree and doesn’t sport a brightly lit candle in her hands. But wait, she just might dress up for you and you won’t really know until you visit Mahim and experience it yourself.


Unfortunately, modern technology is yet to see enough advancement to absolutely detect any supernatural activity and provide irrefutable evidences. Some people don’t believe in ghosts and spirits while there are those who do believe in the supernatural. But all these haunted places do have one thing in common and it’s that the locals do respect the sanctity of these haunted places and respect its boundaries.

So before you go all guns blazing in your Ghostbusters cosplay suit to hunt down some ghosts, be cautious and follow the guidelines set by the concerned authorities. Stay safe and happy hunting.