Hidden Gems of Bollywood You Cannot Afford to Miss!

Every year we flock to multiplexes to catch our favourite stars do the same old slapstick formula movies (the list is endless), over and over again. But, some movies do not become blockbusters either because they lack the masala and romance of Shahrukh films or the craziness of Salman films. Such films get limited audience either because, they lacked marketing strategies or were overshadowed by some powerful films, but they deserve much more. This is a list of 7 such hidden gems of bollywood movies that have maybe slipped out of your mind, so now enjoy these speculating set of movies to relieve yourself from the daily, tiring and cliché days of your life to enjoy and relax.

1. Rocket Singh : Salesman of the year(2009)

Hidden gems of Bollywood
Official Poster of Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year


Image Source: http://www.glamsham.com/download/poster/rocket-singh-salesman-of-the-year-posters/1116/2.htm

This is a comedy drama starring Ranbir Kapoor, as a young Punjabi boy in the lead role, who is a failure in his studies and soon joins a corporate company working as a salesman. His honesty and business ethics force him to be against the briberies taken by the profit-hungry companies. His dreams and ambitions are fulfilled by his passions and uprightness. It is a movie from which every millennial can learn from and something we all can relate to. It will leave you enthralled from its simple use of dialogues to its engaging and humorous exchange with friends and family.

2. Masaan(2015)

Hidden gems of Bollywood
Official Poster of Masaan


Image Source: http://www.rediff.com/movies/report/stumped-what-do-masaan-jaanisaar-drishyam-mean/20150722.htm


This movie has two separate stories which coincide in the end. One is of Devi (Richa Chada) who is trying to forget the loss of her boyfriend and the other of Deepak (Vicky Kaushal) who belongs to a lower caste family, who burns pyres at the Varanasi Ghat. This movie revolves around bribery, betting, deaths and threatening. It teaches us how to move on in our life and always accept things the way fate has decided. The mixture of romance and drama forces us to engage ourselves with it.


3. Udaan(2010)

Hidden gems of Bollywood
Official Poster of Udaan


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This movie seeks out to all those children who are impotent against their parents.’Udaan’ has perfectly captured the harshness of the real world with the fantasies of an adolescent. Vikramaditya Motwane has captured the innocence of a child and how he chooses a career which is not acceptable to his parents. It is a timeless piece of cinema that will stay relevant for ages. It has an edgy feel and the bitter-sweet emotional outlook to it. It is the harsh reality shown which intensifies the audience to see it.

4. Margarita, with a straw (2014)


Hidden gems of Bollywood
Official Poster of Margarita: With a Straw


Image Source: https://www.fairytalesfilmfest.com/films/margarita-with-a-straw/


This movie entails about a free spirited girl, discovering her sexuality, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Laila (Kalki Koechin) normalises disability and therefore it rejects sympathy towards her. This movie throws light upon things such as the sexual desire of a female, masturbation, lesbian relationships and such other things. It also portrays the role of a mother which Revathi has illustrated flawlessly. The affectionate relation of a mother and daughter is shown perfectly. This movie is more than just another normal ‘disability’ movie. It drives the audience to grasp their chair for a lot of high end drama.

5. Citylights(2015)


Hidden gems of Bollywood
Official Poster of Citylights


Image Source: https://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/one-for-the-balcony/citylights-2014-review/


A young couple and their little daughter are forced to migrate from their village to Bombay,the big,bad city. Deepak(Rajkumar Rao) and Rakhi(Patralekha) find tricksters, bar-girls,criminals,armoured guards and a devious plot waiting for them. Soul destroying poverty can drive people into deep cesspits, and the struggle to stay above can be heart rending. The thriller takes a twist in the end, by which the viewers are amazed and traumatized.


6. Shor in the City (2011)


Hidden gems of Bollywood
Official Poster of Shor in the City


Image Source: http://www.glamsham.com/wallpaper/shor-in-the-city/images-31458.htm


With great skill and inventiveness, directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK capture the chaos, absurdity and cacophony that constitutes India. It is a multi-narrative film revolving around five central characters that face challenges in the crime-laden Mumbai depicted in the movie. It is a crime film depicted in Mumbai’s most famous festival, Ganesh Chaturthi, showing the continuous rush of life. The film has a smart and subtle sense of humour and scenes are never over-amplified through sound or edit effects, retaining the minimalistic feel. By the end, the ways of the city compel the right guy to take the wrong path, the wrong guys to take the right, while the incorrigible continue to remain irreparable.


7. Manjhi – The Mountain Man


Hidden gems of Bollywood
Official Poster of Manjhi :The Mountain Man


Image Source: https://www.bollyarena.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Manjhi-The-Mountain-Man-hindi-movie-poster.jpg


Manjhi – The Mountain Man is a story of grit that stems out of one man’s resolve to have a go at a rocky mountain with full might of angry revenge. Unable to get his wife Phaguniya (Radhika Apte) to a hospital in time, owing to the arduous route, a traumatised Manjhi makes the mountain his enemy. With a hammer and chisel he sets off day after day with a rocky face determined to chip away the mountain and to carve a path through it. From a young, hopeful man, he grows into a lonely, obsessed middle-aged one. One feels for him as he realises this is his fight alone and watch his changing relationship with his adversary while he provokes, berates and finally embraces the mountain.

In India we focus mainly on the star cast of the film that’s why these cinematic gems never get that much attention which they rightfully deserved. So now, grab some popcorn and begin binge watching these movies at a go right through cinematic experience that will leave you bewildered and help you explore the unconventional tones of film and art.