7 Healthy Activities To Make Children Energetic

Physical activities are critical for children’s health. Staying idle for long times can lead to various mental, physical and growth problems for kids.  According to recent surveys, only one out of three children is physically active, nowadays. Children and teens spend more than seven hours per day on TV screens, mobile screens and laptops etc. It means no time for sports, which surely is an alarming situation. All parents should take it very seriously.

How to Make Children Energetic

Parents are always worried about the well-being of their children and want them to stay active. If you are a concerned parent looking for different physical activities to make children energetic, then this post is interesting for you. We will tell you about seven healthy activities, which will make your child super energetic.

1) Jumping Rope

make children energetic

A very simple and affordable exercise your child can do anywhere. It’s most excellent plus it’s an adjustable intensity. Involve your kids in this remarkable exercise. It is perfect for mental growth. According to research, kids who jump rope on daily basis perform better in mathematics and languages. It is a great way to let your kids to work-out without taking them to the gym.

2) Cycling

make children energetic

It is one of the most beneficiary activities. It improves overall growth of children and reduces health risks. It decreases the chances of obesity. Besides, its thrill and excitement fascinate children. Once they become fond of cycling, they would never give up. So buy your child a good cycle. It would also help them know the area nearby and feel comfortable. They breathe less air pollution.

3) Hiking

make children energetic

Hiking is the best activity to get children out of gadgets and take them close to nature. It will improve their communication skills and reduce their anxiety. It cultivates interest in naturally relaxing environment. It is the best tool to take a break from your devices and get to know the soothing Mother Nature.

4) Pets

make children energetic

Children can communicate with pets in ways they might not attach to people. The excitement of nurturing a living creature develops the sense of responsibility in them. Pets are not only an engaging family member but also good for your health. Taking a dog on the walk or playing with the cat is an excellent physical activity. It helps improve their motor skills and increases overall activity.

According to surveys, kids who own a pet spend eleven more minutes in physical activity per week, than those who do not have a pet.

These animals let you exaggerate enough to get your heart beat fast and pump more blood. This blood circulation leads to better cardiovascular function and better immune system.

5) Dance

make children energetic

All traditional team sports are great for your children and helps them get physically active, but not all of them are suitable for all age groups of children. Dance classes are the great alternative to team sports. It is highly physical activity. Significant improvement can be expected in children’s overall health if they regularly take dance classes. It helps them develop an appreciation for arts.

The repetitive movements in dance results in toning muscles and improving posture. It increases physical strength, stamina, and flexibility. For obese kids, it is potentially helpful in losing weight and developing healthy eating habits.

6) Books

make children energetic

Mental growth is just as necessary as physical growth. Let your child explore his taste for books and magazines. Buy her or his favourite books. Join in or read for them. Try to get the books that have many large colourful images. It will draw the story in kid’s mind. He or she will be able to love the story rather than just reading it.

Nearly, all children find reading a book exciting and funny. It helps them develop cognitive skills. It enhances their critical thinking and let them know the difference between good and evil. It also helps them in their school studies as it builds their vocabulary, language and literacy skills. It enhances their concentration, curiosity, and memory.

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You can let your child read a book on his own, but if you read it for them, the gains multiply. It strengthens your bond with the child and makes the child think that reading will be fun for him even after he grows up.

7) Swimming

make children energetic

If possible, indulge your child in this extremely healthy exercise. It is an excellent cardio workout. It raises the performance levels of heart and lungs. It also improves strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. It increases stamina and prevents childhood obesity.

In summers, it is a beneficial way to stay cool while maintaining the healthy level of social and physical activity. It is also a good safety measure to learn swimming. Drowning is the second leading cause of death in kids and teens. If you teach them swimming, they can handle themselves in emergencies.

(*All images are sourced from Pixabay)