A Guide To Those With Friendship Day Blues

Friendship: one of those words whose essence can’t be contained in the few letters that spell it. If there is something that can not only bind the whole world with a common thread but also make life, for every individual, truly worth it, that is friendship. We can grow into it, fall out of it but never unknow how it feels, much like love, you’d agree. In fact, friendship teaches you to love better, helps you become a better person and makes you want to value each moment in your life just a little more.

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Heavy pondering apart, friendship also serves as a major impetus to commercial businesses! Look around the market place during the first Sunday of August, the day friendship is formally rejoiced, and it’ll remind you of a pre-Christmas shopping season! I believe the best way to celebrate friendship is by never betraying it, come what may. Thus, the first thing you should do this Friendship Day is realize that a single day can never be enough to cherish friendship: a lifetime, too, may fall short. This shouldn’t discourage you, though, from ransacking your favorite Archies’ outlet or the local flower shop to be able to treat your friends. After all, we do need a day or two to acknowledge the good things in life, and this can as well be regarded as one of those special days a year!

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There are some of us, however, who are sitting in a bit of a gloom, for they don’t have an appreciable number of friends to convey their wishes to or are not currently on talking terms with them. This article, my friends, is especially meant for you. Brush your blues aside and read on to know how there’s always something to learn from everything:

So here are some tips to combat these Friendship Day blues:-

  • Give yourself a treat. After all, it’s you who has got to have your back for the rest of your life. Indulge in a blissful shopping spree or watch a fun movie. Do not let your gloom spoil an absolutely fine day. It’s a different matter if it rains and you fear cars to sling mud all over you because there’s high possibility for that. In this case, get set for an in-house movie marathon with one comforting cup of coffee, or ten.

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  • If I ask you who your first ever friend was, what would you say? That funny looking guy at pre-school? Or the sweet little girl you met in your creche? Probably not. In all our lives, the very first friends we have are our parents. We love them with every particle in our being but at the core of that love is perhaps friendship. Team up with your very first friends and have a lovely day out or arrange for a scrumptious dinner at their favorite restaurant.

  • You might be away from home, missing your family and friends, and may have not quite broken the ice with the people in your new block. In such a scenario, turn the internet into your savior and arrange for video chats with your folk back home. Delve into hours of hearty conversations and see much of your melancholy melt away. You can also order gifts online and wait for them to adore your surprise


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  • For the ex-friends out there, ask yourself if you cherished the moments of laughter and joy with your mates more than you prioritize your ego. It might have been either them or you who was in the wrong, but that was at a point in time way back in life to matter now and if either of your faults can be forgiven, kindle your friendship back. Learn to both grant and ask for pardon. There is no place for grudges in friendship. Today is the right day. Actually, any day is, to make things better.

  • It might be that you’re not an ace at making friends. Believe me, there are plenty of us to share this trait with. Sometimes, if you come into acquaintance with someone with manners that you find amusing, a way of communicating that puts you at ease or has about any quality that makes him or her admirable, go ahead and make an effort towards knowing the person better. You never know when you miss a chance of a crackling friendship just because you’re too timid to talk. You’re not asking for their hand in marriage, so be confident. Never miss an opportunity to at least try making friends. Don’t rush out into the streets today, though, with placards reading: “Friends Wanted”, but seek the right moment and you shall find it.

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Friendship is as essential for the soul as air and water are for survival. Look deeply into your life and you'd realize that you were never without friends. As long as you're blessed to have someone in this world to love you, know that you have a friend. I'd wrap this piece of writing up with a sentimental quote by Linda Grayson: "There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate."