Government Efforts in India to Stop Coronavirus

There are some necessary steps taken by the Indian Government to stop coronavirus from spreading in India. Basically, the government is trying its best to remove this issue from India by beginning some initiatives which are necessary to be taken to save Indians from this major issue. Government is not only taking the necessary decision but also trying to raise awareness among people.

They are trying their best to keep everyone updated by way of news channel announcements and other activities which are mentioned below.

Social Distancing

To stop the spread of coronavirus people are required to maintain social distancing among them. For this Government keeps announcing and telling people to maintain social distancing and not to (possess) or gather together unnecessary.

Quarantine for 21 days

There is a 21 days lockdown in India. Central Government of India which started from 25th march 2020, 12:00 Am During this people are advised to stay at home and work from home. Still, there are some jobs which are compulsory, are allowed to perform their duties and allowed to go out of their house like police, Doctor, media, shopkeeper of groceries, food supplier and many others.
Currently on the 27th of March, our CM (chief minister) Arvind Kejriwal has announced that groceries have to be open for 24 hours so that people don’t rush to shops and social distancing is maintained.

Essential service staff can call on number 1031

The government has announced helpline number 1031, for those who have to move out of their house for essential service during the lockdown. And police don’t find them breaking lockdown rules, so CM Kejriwal has announced this number for them who can call on this number and they would get passes on their mobile phones.

Keep washing hands & social awareness

The government suggests everyone keep their hands clean after every 5-10 minutes and wash it. Whenever you come home after purchasing some necessities from outside, keep that bag at a separate place and don’t touch anything first wash hand and take shower and change cloth, to keep yourself and families safe.

Providing free food to remote areas

Fig.4. Image of free food distribution
The government has announced to provide free food to farmers and those poor people who were daily paid employees and would suffer from lack of food issue during this lockdown period of 21 days.

Providing free Raashan for 3 months

The government has announced to offer every ration card holder 10Kg of rice or wheat absolutely free as a one time measure in the next 21 days and also arrange from home delivery. Cash and food would be immediately transferred to the poor and the vulnerable.

Transfer cash in Accounts

The government has announced to transfer cash in Account like farmer under PM KISAN to Rs 12,000 and an additional amount to each beneficiary, amount of Rs 6,000 in the urban poor Jan Dhan bank account holder.


Janta curfew: (on 22 March 2020)

Fig.6. Images of the area during Janta curfew

To stop coronavirus amongst people our PM (prime minister) Narendra Modi had announced the Janta curfew on 22 March 2020, the prime minister implored Indian citizens to observe a self-imposed curfew starting from 7 am to 9 pm, to reduce community spreading of coronavirus. On the same day at 5’o o’clock for 5 minutes, every Indian had to produce sound through thali, taali, bell other things. They’re all such tasks were performed so well by the whole in India.

Use Sanitizer and Mask

People are asked to move out of their houses after covering their faces with a mask and keep sanitizer with them and clean hands every 5-10 minutes. And don’t shake hands with other people and maintain a distance of about 1 meter white communicating. Better ignore social interaction for now.

During lockdown giving necessary information

During the lockdown period of 21 days, the government is still giving necessary information to the Indians through social media by tweeting the information or news channels. All the current updates regarding the necessities provided to everyone and the essential service staff call number and any other information which are necessary to be told to people. So that everybody is updated about this fight against corona.

Chemical wash

During these days the government had told people not to come out of their house at 10 PM on Wednesday until 5 am on Thursday since the chemical was to be done during this time period to kill germs from the environment and to save the area from the spreading of coronavirus.

Police Duties

The government has increased the duties of the police, in which they have to ensure that people unnecessarily not move out of their house and maintain social distancing and if any person is found guilty is punished.
Police are also allowed to lathi-charge against those who unfollow the quarantine of 21 days. Unnecessarily and wondering outside for no purpose.

Continuous Cleaning

All the cleaning staff is ordered to clean the buses, highways, and other public places from sanitizer and other chemical materials to save everyone from this Coronarius so that it does not spread any more. This continuous process of cleaning might help to slow down the spreading of the coronavirus from the environment. It is presently found that this activity is someway helpful. During these periods of time, people shall follow all what decisions the government has made so that we all together fight this dangerous issue like a corona.

Providing food in remote areas

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced to distribute food to poor people now the population has increased to 4,00,000 they will get food and required things Arvind Kejriwal has also announced In Delhi that daily 100 patients will get the facility. In-hospital and now company they are making the mask, 46 Alcohol company they got chance to make sanitizer and UP CM Yogi Adityanath they also announced that poor people they will get food for free they will not have to be hungry.

Arvind Kejriwal has provided these numbers like, North-East (8375879007), Central (9136469416), New Delhi (7428219545), North (7290978054), South East (8595269577) those people they can’t purchase the food they can call government helpline number will provide food that people.

Reduction in EMI and repo- rates

Currently RBI’s emergency rate cut for loans, fixed deposit investments has been announced by the governor. Today, on 27 March 2020, the rep-rate and reserve repo rate is decreased by 75 basis points and 90bps. The current repo rate is 4.4% and the reserve repo-rate is 4%. This step is taken to maintain the liquidity condition in the market of the economy. This may impact equity investors and reduce EMIs for the borrowers, well it is bad news for the fixed deposit investors.

One thing that can be observed here in this situation that SBI( State Bank of India) has one by one reduced fixed deposit rates in February and March.