Getting Rid Of Social Media : Why Do We Need To?

Have you heard of the saying, "The more you're glued to Facebook and Twitter, the more are the chances of your life going down the gutter"? So haven't I. It doesn’t, however, mean that what it implies is wholly untrue. Let’s be honest with ourselves: how many times in a day do we check our Facebook profiles? If you’ve got the number, triple it (at the least) and you’ll get a fair idea of the number of times you take a peek into your Whatsapp, Hike or similar accounts.

getting rid of social media

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There is no denying the fact that maintaining some of these profiles have become crucial to our day-to-day dealings, be it official work like group discussions, planning of projects or unofficial ones like keeping in touch with your circle of friends, frenemies or relatives including your cousin’s neighbor’s sister’s aunt. Facebook has also had many stories of a reunion of friends and family. However, if you compare the frequency of such cases with what social media has, in an immeasurable magnitude, stolen from our lives, you’ll be nothing short of shocked, for it has replaced the real with the virtual. In an attempt to bring the world superficially closer, social media has created an unforgivable distance between real people. It is not unusual to spot friends at a gathering hooked to their phones, each ‘socialising’ away with their respective sets of other acquaintances, or to see pre-teen children with not even a farthing’s worth of life’s experiences share the agonies of their broken hearts with an array of their Facebook friends, most of whom couldn’t care less. Also, how can we forget the classic posts where a guy narrates how he is ‘feeling happy’ to, say, traverse from the drawing room to the bedroom with Pinky Pari, Dashing Dewd and 79 others.(Get over angel priya for God's sake.)

getting rid of social media

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Come to seriously think about it: if you’ve got one life to live, why waste a major chunk of it in a virtual world? For the times that you absolutely cannot avoid using social media, permit yourself its service, but when you can do without it, and believe me, its occasions are in plenty, log out of that virtual account of yours, shut away your thoughts pondering on how many likes you strategize to receive, get out into the actual world and bite into a real slice of life.

Here are some reasons why getting rid of social media or at least lessening your infatuation with it is the need of the hour:

  • Realize the potential your life has. Every human being, including you, has what it takes to change the world, and you, instead, choose to scroll down posts of others’ vacations or stories of their puppies. You can at least begin by thinking this way!
  • When was the last time you met a friend and had a long, hearty conversation interspersed with nothing but laughter? If it seems too long ago, it’s probably because the laughs back in those days have now been replaced with beeps from your social media notifications. Don’t turn them off, if you value them more than your friendships.

.getting rid of social media

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  • Are you an Instagram lover? You must, then, be very fond of the various choices of filters it offers you. Too bad that earlier, people used to be lovers of merely travel, journeys, wanderlust, cultures and real experiences and it was only their varied moods and expressions that would color the canvases of the pictures clicked. If you’ve ever noticed, the more you obsess over the number of ‘hearts’ your Instagram pictures receive, the more do you feel robbed of a joy that has no basis.
  • If you’re one of those dedicated contributors to the Facebook Community who posts multiple accounts of how you’ve spent your day, please do realize that your personal life does not interest even 5% of the total number of ‘friends’ that you have there. In fact, a majority of the remaining 95% is likely to blacklist you as highly annoying. Why would you want that?
  • All of us have some or the other hobby, and many of us can get pretty fruitfully involved in them had it not been for the interruption caused by social media. If you own a camera, for instance, it is not an unsaid rule that you have to make a photography page for the benefit of your fans. Spend some ‘us time’ with your camera and hone your skills before you head off for public exposure. The same goes for any other skill or habit. Read, write, dance, compose, pen poetry, sing or chase that sport till you master it. You won’t want social media to come in the way of you and your passion.

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  • The worst thing social media can do is tell you that you’re not enough. You are more than a perfect body, a gorgeous face or an epitome of popularity. You are unique because you are you. The façade of perfection that many display or the indecent and outright ridiculous trolls that exist for the sole purpose of insulting those who do not conform to such perfection make the online environment unnecessarily hateful. After all, do others’ points of view about you matter even nearly as your own? So, why not step out of this virtual frenzy and devise your own ways of becoming a better version of yourself? Why is getting rid of social media even for some time so tough?
  • Do not let social media get intertwined so profoundly into your routine that you become endlessly dependent on it. There is the world out there waiting for you. So, log off, step out, breathe in and explore the greatest journey that is your life.

getting rid of social media

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