Find Out About The Game of Thrones India Connection!

You might be an ardent fan of the Game of Thrones. You might well answer any question related to any season or any episode of this world’s most popular show. However, we have brought you some facts about GOT that you didn’t know for all these years. Surprised and already shaking your head shouting ‘NO WAY’? But you will be more surprised to know that Game of Thrones has some serious Indian connections. Yes, you read that right! Let us check out how is India connected to Game of Thrones.

1. Dehradun is the place where GoT merchandise is manufactured

Who doesn’t love John Snow’s black fur coat? Everyone does. All the merchandise used in the show – be it the clothes or the swords, are manufactured by Windlass & Sons in India. With a textile mill located in Noida, it is the only company that holds a license to manufacture GOT garments in entire India. Windlass & Sonshaves also contributed to many other Hollywood movies like Rome, Skyfall, Batman Begins etc. But the sad part is that all these merchandise are not for sale in India and are directly shipped to Europe and the US.

game of thrones
Image Credits:Hindustan Times

game of thrones
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2. The Lajpat Nagar connection

Remember the tents you watch on the show? Well, all these tents are manufactured nowhere other than in our own Lajpat Nagar. Rangrasons located in Lajpat Nagar since the year 1945 is a company that supplies ceremonial uniforms used in military; and it is also the home for the tents used in GOT. Other movies to which it contributed to are Captain America, Wrath of the Titans, Avengers etc.

3. Damascus steel inspires the Valyrian steel

Damascus steel which is found in the southern parts of India is the inspiration for the Valyrian steel that is used to make the toughest of swords in the Game of Thrones. Swords made of Damascus steel are known for their resistance to shattering, toughness and ability to get shaped with a sharp edge. These swords also possess characteristic patterns similar to that of flowing water. All these features have been adopted by the Valyrian steel used in GOT.

4. Indira Varma from our country is the Ellaria Sands of Dorne

Yes, there is an Indian cast in the Game of Thrones. The role of Ellaria Sands of Dorne is played by none other than Indira Varma from our country. In addition to her, another actor Staz Nair, a Russian-Indian can also be seen in the show. Though there had been news about Neil Nitin Mukesh also being offered a role in the show, it turned out to be a huge disappointment. Anyhow, let us still hope to find other Indians on the show in the coming up season.

game of thrones
Image Credits:HBO

Guess, we have given today’s share of surprises to you. Do come back to us to find out many more interesting things.