Finest Restaurants in Varanasi

The burbles of gushing water and serene flow of Ganga River, the campanology in the temples, adoration from the masses and uprising rhythm of zillions enchanting bhajans explaining the beauty of the city of Varanasi. When it comes to tourists Varanasi comes in the first place. The place is also known as Kashi which is believed as a very sacred place by Hindus where ashes of the dead are devoted to the Ganga River believing in rebirth.

Enjoying this city also involves some special food here. While the city fills our soul, the food here replenishes our body. We can find overwhelming food anywhere from some crowed zigzag lanes to expensive rooftop restaurants with interesting dishes. The city gives the best eating experience due to its humble street food which is complemented by the high-five restaurants. Food makes traveling more exceptional. Here are some of the best restaurants in Varanasi which we can try.


Pizzeria Vaatika Cafe, Assi Ghat

This cafe is located near Assi Ghat and is known as one of the best rooftop restaurants in Varanasi. This cafe promises interesting continental and Italian dishes. It also provides a few Indian dishes to attract local people. The cafe is known for its pizzas. It is featured on the wall street journal and the lonely planet of Varanasi. The apple pie along with ice-cream is a mouth-watering dish here.

Brown Bread Cafe

This cafe is also known as the German Bakery. It is located near Dashashwamedh Road. It has Indian, international, Italian and European cuisines. All bakery items here are made of organic grains and baked freshly. The bread, rolls, pizzas and pastries are famous here. It is well-known for its breakfast which can be chosen from vegan options, gluten-free and vegetarian.


Canton Royale Restaurant

This restaurant is a small part of Hotel Surya. It provides all varieties of Indian and Asian cuisines. It has outdoor seating on a beautiful lawn. It also adds a mix of Mediterranean and Mexican touch to its dishes. This restaurant which is maintained in the 200 years old building has its Thali as a special mention.


Roof Top Restaurant

This restaurant is located at Assi Ghat. As the name says this restaurant is located on the top of the terrace. It is the best place to feel the beauty of nature as it has an excellent panoramic view of the Ganges which gives a fresh and pleasant feel to the travellers. It has Chinese, continental and Indian cuisines. It gives a royal charm.