Famous celebrity weddings have always been a fancy, big, fat affair. The day of tying the knot and taking vows with the person you want to spend rest of your lives with was something everyone wants to be spotlighted. Crème-de-la-crème menu, fresh and exotic flowers, grandiloquent decorations, extravagant locations; have always formed a part of famous celebrity weddings. These celebs; rolling in the money, devote millions of dollars for their day. These weddings are expensive enough to cover the main story of any newspaper. From the bride’s hand-made, pre-ordered exquisite wedding dress, to the setting up of the whole occasion, the events are thoroughly traced and tracked by the media. These expensive weddings are often, jaw-dropping and hectic affairs, with an exorbitant price paid to have them.

Some of the most expensive and famous celebrity weddings, around the globe, are:

1.)  Kate Middleton and Prince William

The love story of a royal and a common beauty, this wedding cost a whopping $34million, which is roughly 20.6 million pounds. The estimation of this expensive affair includes $32 million dollars on the security itself, followed by $800,000 on flowers, $150,000 on food and $60,000 on champagne.

It was rumored that Duchess Kate's Welsh gold wedding ring cost a whopping $11,000, thus making it one of the grandest royal wedding of London and one of the most famous celebrity weddings.

expensive celebrity wedding
The Royal Wedding

2.) Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

The reality TV star, Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband, Kris Humphries spend a mind-blowing $10 million on their wedding. This money was majorly spent on invitations which cost $10,000, the cake which costed $6,000, on flowers costing $2millions and $2.5 million on Kim’s diamond head-dress. Rest of the money was divided and spend to cater the 500 guests who were invited to this grand affair.

However, in spite of this extravagant affair, their wedding did not last long. Kim ended this wedding after 72 days of tying the knot.

Talk about a loud hue and cry, with no work done. All the money washed down the drain; which naturally happens when you aren’t familiar with the course of responsible investing.

expensive celebrity wedding
Grand wedding of Kris and Kim Kardashian

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3) Wayne and Coleen Rooney

English professional footballer, Wayne Rooney scored an exorbitant goal when it came to his wedding. Splurging a big amount of $7.7 million, he left no space for any disappointments, when it came to having the perfect day of uniting with his partner, Coleen Rooney. Their friends and family had to fly to Italy for four days, which cost around $1.5 million alone, which includes a yacht party costing $120 million.

Apart from the lavish settings, Coleen spent $300,000 on her wedding dress and $150,000 on trips to New York for fittings of the same. Also, for his beloved, Wayne paid  $660,000 to Westlife, Coleen’s favorite band to perform at their band.

And people say money can’t buy happiness.

expensive celebrity wedding
Expensive affair of Wayne and Coleen

4) Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Singer Justin Timberlake isn’t far behind when it came to the execution of expensive and famous celebrity weddings. Dishing out $6.5 million for his partner Jessica Biel, one can surely see the commitment and love for each other. They booked the Italian hotel Borgo Egnazia resort in Fasano, and booked the surrounding buildings, in a bid to avoid paparazzi, for the invited friends and family members.  Even though many tabloids do not agree with the estimated price of $6.5 million of the wedding, it is sure to rise as bride wore a dress designed by Giambattista Valli and the groom sported a Tom Ford tuxedo.

The high point of this expensive celebrity wedding is the beautiful song, penned by Justin himself, only for the wedding, to his beautiful wife, Jessica.

expensive celebrity weddings

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5.) Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

At the point like this, isn’t one happy that the cost is little “less” than expected? They surely know how to invest. However, as tame as their wedding was, the split-up was quite a bang. Brad and Jennifer decided to go their separate ways, five years after they have tied their knot.
Despite being the most sought-after and famous couple of the time, their wedding was rather a tame affair. Their expensive celebrity wedding cost around $1 million, which was relatively low, as compared to the hype created by the couple around them. Most of the expenses went in Jennifer’s dress, flowers, and decorations, costing $50,000, to be precise, ending with a fireworks display at night.

expensive celebrity wedding
Jennifer Anniston and Brad


Some of the most expensive celebrity weddings have mostly ended with a huge bang. However, of all which survive, they truly mean that the big, fat affair is not all for show-offs, money can actually buy the “Happily ever after”, after all.