Electronic Dance Music taking over Indian Music

What is Electronic Dance Music?

If you don’t know what EDM stands for, you might consider yourself a bit held back and outdated from the current generation’s music as EDM has slowly and gradually taken over the music industry of India and with its growing and spreading deep roots it still continues to widen. EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music which basically gained its initial popularity within Europe and then was slowly spread across and around countries such as USA, India and many others. Electronic Dance Music basically saw its popularity as clubhouse music or dance music which was basically played by DJ’s (Disk Jockey) by compiling a number of tracks or by creating one of their own. The music of electronic dance music as the name goes is formed over devices instead of music and has various different genres with it which include Trance, Trap, Techno, Psybient etc.

Electronic Dance music was basically just made with an intention for the people who went to the clubs and for night parties as this raging music gave an amazing feeling of its own. Even though due to the lack of infrastructure back in that time, India still adapted to electronic dance music in a small span of years. Internet has definitely played a major role in the widespread of Electronic Dance Music across the nation and with sudden uplift of YouTube during the similar span of years, a majority of the teen population was exposed to what EDM was and many of them perused this by making it their passion and many of them are currently among the top DJ’s in the country.

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Electronic Dance Music in India

Electronic Dance Music gradually saw its widespread in India and it was just a matter of time that Bollywood too started using it in their featured tracks. A number of EDM festivals are hosted throughout different parts of country one of them majorly being Sunburn. All worldwide famous Dj’s perform at the Indian Sunburn including the famous Indian Dj’s too. The Sunburn 2017 is to be hosted on 30th & 31st December 2017. Moreover, India has been seeing a ton of major upcoming stars in the recent times which has furthermore supported the widespread of EDM.

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Electronic Dance Music throughout the country and was moreover the reason for the growing love of EDM among people of India.  Some of the famous Indian dance music artists include Nucleya, Zaeden, DJ NYK etc.

Although the widespread of EDM was on a small scale during the initial years but the way the Indian Dj’s added a ‘Desi’ touch to this foreign type of music definitely added a   special touch to the EDM music which was needed for its widespread in   India. However  this form of music saw the rapid widespread across the country and was adopted by people at a very fast rate as the mixture of Bollywood combined with EDM sounded like melody to their ears and moreover EDM brought the necessary part feel to the Bollywood music which was definitely needed as Bollywood itself is a huge part, ain’t it ?

Indian EDM Artists

Nucleya basically started his career a  bit late than the other artists in the game. His basic genre has deep roots in Indian music. His beats are inspired by traditional Indian music. His single “Jind Mahi” and “Lang Gwacha” were some of the biggest hits in the country, his adaptation of Indian beats and music to this westernize form of music has made him one of the major favorites among the people of the country, majorly teens. Moreover, this has lead to his high popularity among the current generation. 

Sahil Sharma also known by his stage name Zaeden is also among one of the top Electronic Dance Music artists in India professionally at a very young age of 20. He was like just any another Indian kid but had an interest in music since he was in his school and played tabla and piano all along his school days. His deep interest in music lead to him perusing sound engineering as an option for his higher and further studies and hence has now landed huge deals among very famous music labels and has also collaborated with a number of famous artists in the Electronic Dance Music industry apart from that he also has been travelling around the globe from country to country to perform his shows and has also played with some biggest DJ’s in the game.

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The skills and passion of these artists have led to motivation among the young generation teens who have the same aspirations and dream of becoming in the near coming future and it’s no surprise that India would be seeing a ton of new immersing talents in the near coming future and make a huge name of their own.