Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For The Upcoming Week!

Halloween is just around the corner, and what could be better than some fun and easy DIY Halloween costume ideas? Rock your party and still stay in the budget. Since these are DIYs, therefore you can upbeat them on tone them down in accordance with what you prefer. These seven unique ideas will make you look out of the box in the most exciting way!


1. Be The Queen Bee

You need : 
Some yellow pom poms 
A thick piece of string
Golden chart paper

It is finally time to take this phrase seriously. Cut the chart paper in a Zig Zag shape from one side and along a straight line from the other side. Cut the whole shape out, and paste the ends together. Your crown is ready. Now attach two small pieces of string to two opposite sides of the crown and stick two yellow pieces of pom pom on top of them. Wear a combination of yellow and black to complement the queen bee crown. This is one of the simplest Halloween costume ideas and yet would make you look so different from the rest of the crowd!

Halloween costume ideas

2. Sia

You need :
A black wig, and
A white wig
To copy Sia in her most signature look, we need her signature black and white wig. Since it would be quite a task to find the exact same wig, we're going to DIY it ourselves. Choose a black and white wig of the same hair texture and type. Cut these two wigs in half and attach two halves of each wig with the other. Once you have the wig, get a statement hair accessory like a large bow to make this look even chicer. Pair this with black and white clothes to add even more authenticity.

3. Dancing Girl Emoji

You need :
Black shorts, and 
A black top

Dressing up like an emoticon is the new trend or fad these days. The dancing girl emoji is one of the easiest hassle-free Halloween costume ideas, and you could easily give it a shot this time. Just pair black shorts with a black half t-shirt and you are good to go. Add two black clips to your hair and some black loafers and you will look exactly like the dancing girl!

4. A minion

You need :
A yellow t-shirt
Blue shorts
Black suspenders
A black hair band
Black and white chart paper

What a great time to be a Minion! Trust us, imitating Minions on Halloween is easier than you think. The costume is quite simple, pair a yellow T-Shirt with blue shorts and add black suspenders to it so that it looks like those pants that minions wear. To add an edge to your look, we are going to make minion eyes as well. Cut two oval shapes of the white chart paper and two smaller ovals of the black chart paper. Stick the black ovals on the white ones and paste these on a hair band. You can keep the hair band resting on your head, and here, you are ready for Halloween!

5. A comic strip character

You need :
A whiteboard marker

For this one, you don't really have to put a lot of effort. Just draw the outlines of your face and neck and you'll be surprised at the transformation! You could, of course, throw in a cape and become a specific character, but this detailing will add a tonne of authenticity to your look.

These are some easy and fun to do Halloween costume ideas that won't take much of your time and still make you look oh so prepped! So which one are you recreating?