The truth about business world

Every morning you wake up for the same job that sucks out the life out of your whole day and then too you keep moving. On the way down, you see thousands of more people like you but the ratio of employees in this world is a lot bigger. They follow the same pattern and their day ends with a mindset of ‘paid by someone.’ Establishing your own business and starting up with those little ideas is risky, but it is what entices people like you, who are not blinded by the fact that they are the sheep. If you know that you are not liking your job, then why run after it for the whole month and be happy for it on the pay day?

The answer is you’re not excited about the process and you are more excited about the payday.

Listen to me closely , a trending joke came out this year where an entrepreneur says to his employee, ‘if you work more harder this year, I might buy a new Lamborghini again.’

This joke came out and everyone laughed about it. But did you notice that it is actually a fact?
Have you ever seen an employee working on his/her shift coming to the office in a Lamborghini.

No. This is what the difference is, average run after being paid and the people with the beast mindsets run after creation and producing something. No, I’m not asking you to leave your job right away, I am only asking you to think. I’m asking you to introspect and start questioning yourself. Are you in love with the process?

The moment you realize the importance of the ‘process’, You will know what to do.
But life isn’t easy in the business world either and you need to know this straight up. Being a businessman it will be your responsibility to give it all, and be willing enough to face the failures without regrets. RISK is the middle name of business and without risk, there is no way you can become successful. You need fall in love with the process and keep going. The more you are consistent with your work, the more you’re increasing your chances to become successful. Whatever you do, make sure you do not get quit. Your investment is at stake and at no point you can give up what you created.

So what can you do to promote your business and showcase your products to the audience?
What are the ways you can reach your audience by knocking your competition?


‘Digital marketing is the marketing of products using digital technologies.’
Developing your business on online platforms will decrease your chances of failure as most of the people are available on their phone and choose to look up for the products over their mobiles. Developing a platform over mobile for your audience is the best chance for you to grow your business.