Day Wise Spiti Valley Bike Trip Itinerary (completed)

the scenic geographical features of the Spiti make it more desirable for the tourists of different age groups belonging to different walks of life. But there are a few things that one must be aware of before sealing Day Wise Spiti Valley Bike Trip Itinerary plan. The average elevation of the entire valley is 4270 m and the weather is highly unpredictable all the time. The valley is full of wide varieties of flora and fauna Snow Leopards and Himalayan Wolves are also spotted in the Pin Valley National Park during the winter season.

bike trip, Day Wise Spiti Valley Bike Trip Itinerary
Day Wise Spiti Valley Bike Trip Itinerary

Trekking and camping are a must when you are in the Spiti valley. Brace yourself for a detached life when you are in the Spiti valley Network connectivity is obscure and Spitians are pretty cool with it is winter. You may get lucky with BSNL signals at some places in the Spiti valley. The place is almost a mirror image of Tibet in terms of tradition, culture, and lifestyle.

List of Day Wise Spiti Valley Bike Trip Itinerary

 Tabo – Dhankar

Tabo– Pin Valley National Park

 Langza – Chandratal Lake

Activities In Rangrik

 Kunzum La Pass – Manali


Day 1: Tabo – Dhankar

Located on the banks of the Spiti river, Tabo is a dreamy small village with humble roads and hospitable locals. Tabo has ancient attractions and things of religious importance.

Day 2: Tabo– Pin Valley National Park

While traveling back from Tabo to Kaza, the roads separated in two directions at the Atargo bridge. Head left to take the road leading to the beautiful Pin Valley National Park, heading straight will take you to the adventurous Kaza. The next 1-hour ride takes you to Pin Valley – a popular reserve of scenic flora & fauna in North India.

Day Wise Spiti Valley Bike Trip Itinerary
Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is overloaded with adventurous escapades and lush greenery and it is also home to the rare breed of Snow Leopards and many rare species.

Day 3: LangzaChandratal Lake

Langza to Chandratal is a 5.5-hour long ride and it is requested to start very early in the morning. Motorable road ends a kilometer before the lake and the remaining distance must be covered by foot itself.

secondly Chandratal – a crescent-shaped lake makes for one of the most beautiful awe-inspiring escapades. It is one of the key highlights of the day Wise Spiti Valley Bike Trip Itinerary. Moreover, the lake has also remained in the news after people confirmed many UFO-like objects sighted in the area.

Day 4: Activities In Rangrik

located in the western Himalayas, the 6553-meter Rangrik Rang is the most elevated mountain in the south of the beautiful Kinnaur area. Subsequently, the Eastern and Western Racho Khad icy masses have their nourishing zones while on the upper east and northwest part of Rangrik Rang and bolster the northbound Tirana.

Day 5: Kunzum La Pass – Manali

You can end your day Wise Spiti Valley Bike Trip Itinerary on a high by taking a break at Kunzum La Pass while getting back to Manali. The pass may your official exit from the Lahaul Spiti valley As well as with snow-capped beautiful peaks, and hundreds of prayer flags fluttering around and across. nevertheless, Kunzum Pass is a piece of paradise! 


this very organized Day Wise Spiti Valley Bike Trip Itinerary will give you an overview of an adventurous trip. just go for it you will be organized and on time always. meanwhile, in this very adventurous trip, you may at any point feeling bad as well as you may think for returning but hold your self it will give you immense pleasure while on the journey.