Darjeeling: a place every sun-worshipper should visit.

Nestled among the lush green tea plantations and steep mountain ranges Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful hill station located in the state of West Bengal. Darjeeling is an absolute delight for all the sun worshippers because the sun here just blends in with the sky and it looks like a colourful canvas. Jaw-dropping locales, mesmerizing views and untouched beauty Darjeeling is a spot everyone should visit. This hill station is one of the honeymoon hotspots in India. One can do a lot here from water sports to shopping from trekking to going around in the toy train and looking at the beautiful sceneries. One can do a lot of things here.

Why is Darjeeling a place for sun worshippers?

Darjeeling is a hill station due to which it offers a perfectly clear view of the sun. Also, Darjeeling consists of a hill known as the Tiger hill. People go to this hill for to view the amazing sunOne can witness the first rays of the sun hitting the Kangchenjunga , along with a view of the Everest. Which makes it a perfect spot for sun lovers. People who live in Darjeeling generally leave from there at 3.30am to view the amazing sunlight. It is a spot every sun lover should visit.

Places one should visit in Darjeeling –

1] Darjeeling ropeway-

Darjeeling is one of the world-renowned hill stations one can find picturesque sceneries, beautiful plantations, high valleys, etc and also it has the best way to observe all these views through a ropeway. A ropeway is a cable car circuit. One can go around in these amazing ropeways and can view the heavenly land of Darjeeling. This ropeway wasn’t originally made as a tourist attraction it was set up to cater the tea gardens in the valley. At the bottom end of the ropeway, one can explore the tea gardens relax at the small mountain café. Before going back to the starting point.

2] Nightingale Park-

This park was a private park known as the shrubbery before and then once the Britishers left India this park was made public and later it turned out to be a really great tourist attraction. It’s like paradise one can sit amidst this beauty and recharge and regain themselves. Other than that one can relish the beauty of the Kanchenjunga valley. This is an oval-shaped park and other than the beautiful scenery there is a huge statue of Lord Shiva and a musical fountain.

3] Japanese peace Pagoda-

The peace pagoda is one of the few buildings that has been made under Japanese influence. This structure was built in 1992. It is said that this structure was made It is said that this structure was made as a symbol of unity, humanity, piece among various sects of the society. This Pagoda is also famous for the breathtaking views it offers and because of these views, it makes this Pagoda a perfect destination to regain peace.

4] Darjeeling Himalayan Railway-

The dhr also known as the toy train is the first mountain railway built in India. This is built on a two feet narrow gauge and this train runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. One can view exquisite views as it goes around the mountain and views the tiny little villages on the way. It is really a journey everyone should take once in their life. Because of this excellent architecture, this toy train has been named as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you ever go to Darjeeling but song experience this your trip is practically useless.

5] Singalala national park-

Spread across 78km and located at the 7000 feet the Singalala national park is the highest sanctuary in West Bengal. This national park is home to some really rare species of orchids and animals. This park is a heaven for nature lovers because one can view the virgin beauty of the Himalayas. It consists of the most Panoramic and breathtaking views. This park is also a really good place for animals as it does not allow any activity that would harm the animals at all. The park is also a part of the trekking route. One can find the rare breed of red pandas here.

6] Sandakphu trek-

Sandakphu trek is a 51km trek that starts Manebhanjhan. One can either take a car or walk by themselves and this trek is pretty tough and there might be hap hazards so it’s advisable to take an advisor with you’ll. The trek passes through the Singalala national park so one can view animals too on the way. As soon as one reaches the top it’s just heavenly. The view is just overwhelming from here it’s just amazing and breathtaking I got no words to describe it. One can see the 4 out of the 5 highest peaks from here. This is a heaven for all the nature lovers out there. And a challenging trek for all the trekking freaks. Undertaking this trek is definitely gonna be a part of my bucket list now.

7] Darjeeling tea plantations-

We all know that Darjeeling is the tea hub of India maximum tea plantations take place here and later they’re sold around India and then exported. The tea and coffee grown here are very fresh and valuable. These plantations are definitely a tourist attraction these plantations are spread across 17500 hectares of land. One should definitely visit these plantations because of the fresh smell from the shrubs and herbs and other than that they offer professional tours and stays here too. Tea tourism is a new kind of tourism in itself.

Other than that Darjeeling has a lot more to offer. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and one of the most beautiful hill stations in India.

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