Computer Programming, Oxygen for the next Generation

What is Computer Programming?

Coding or as it is known as Computer Programming often shortened to programming is a process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable computer programs. Programming involves activities such as analysis, developing understanding, generating algorithms, verification of requirements of algorithms including their correctness and resources consumption, and implementation commonly referred to as coding of algorithms in a specified Programming language. Gone are the days when people related to coding as something which only the most intelligent ones could do. Computer programming is on the verge of becoming as necessary as oxygen is to us in the coming years to meet our needs and our growing dependency on technology.

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Importance and Benefits of Computer Programming

Computer programming has provided us with a path towards simplification of our day to day tasks, thus making our life optimal. It is probably predicted that Coding would be the O2 by the year 2020. A layman can use this beneficially by using various programming languages and the user can select from a wide range of available programming languages according to his/her own comfort. Gone are the times when coding was related to something very scientific and was considered a thing only the top technical guys could do, in the current times it has become necessary to almost everyone, no matter what field of work they are in.

One could perform various different activities using various different programming languages. Moreover, in the current modern era, learning these languages is just a click away on the internet. There are tons of site’s that provide the resources to an individual to learn these specialized languages as per there requirements. Learning and implementing them in your day to day life only makes the small task easier and to help you to generate the most optimal result in your work which you may require.

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Need of Computer Programming for Students

Looking at the future needs for learning to code, various schools and boards such as CBSE have also introduced the basic introduction of computer programming into their curriculum to give a taste of coding to their students as in our country various opportunities are missed by a ton of students just because they didn’t know about it.

Moreover, various people have seen this as an amazing opportunity to establish a business over it and created various websites and application which help the youngsters to get a taste of what coding is in a fun and amazing way. These have enabled the people of every age, irrespective of their domain to know about the basic                              Image Source                        things about coding and moreover make them enthusiastic to learn more.               

“C Programming” language is considered as the mother of all the programming languages which are being used in the current era as almost all languages and their syntax were developed by keeping the structure of C in mind as it is very easy to understand for the user and can easily be implemented. Thus it is recommended to learn C first for someone who has no experience of programming languages.

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These computer programming languages can be used for various purposes in various fields. Programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS are used for Web development which plays a vital role in today’s tech-based surrounding where web plays a vital role. Moreover, languages such as R and Python have a vital role in the sector of Analytical Study with BigData and Data Science being the top trending topics in the current era thus the implementation of Python and R has increased in the recent years.

Hence it would be right to say that coding is definitely going to lead our generation and the one to come to a bright future and would become the oxygen for the next generation.