Camping Ideas For Your Upcoming Trip!

Before you pack your bags and run off to the riverside camping site with your homies, you must know some basics rules that will smoothen out the edges and enhance your experience manifold. Here are some camping ideas aimed at making your life just a tiny bit easier :

1. Carry a flashlight

Heard about the saying that you only realize how much something matters only when it isn't around? Yeah, that's the case with electricity. It can completely slip your mind that when you're out in the wild, the one thing that'll make your trip ten times easier is a flashlight. Make sure that the one you are taking with you runs on batteries and does not require a charge. Since you're entirely dependent on natural light, having a source of light of your own is essential. Also, do carry spare batteries. 

2. Utilize the day

Camping is all fun and games until someone lands in trouble. We know it is thrilling and exhilarating to be out there with only trees to shade you, but you must make sure that you come back as one single entity (lol, jk). Avoid leaving the camping site and going away at far off places at night. Even if you're in a group, no amount of people are trained well enough to fight off wild fauna and come out unscathed. Instead of risking your safety, explore places while there is still natural light and return back to safety as soon as the dawn sets in.

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3. Carry a first aid kit

Talking of camping ideas, a first aid kit definitely makes the cut into the list of camping essentials. You're not in the comforts of your home and things that you take for granted there will not be available easily to you. No matter how careful you might be, you are bound to get a few cuts and scrapes here and there. Having the basic first aid with you is necessary for any outing. It must consist of an iodine lotion, some cotton balls, doctor's tape, Dettol/savlon and a bandage.

4. Pack enough clothes

To avoid the extra hassle, pack enough clothes to last you throughout the camping episode. Do not include a lot of whites since it would be yet another time taking task to wash them, since you don't really know how much time drying it up completely will take. It completely depends on the weather. However, for your own convenience do carry a clothes line at a suitable place. If not daily, you are sure to soil some of the clothes in the span of days.

5. Engage in outdoor activities

Camping is about adventure and fun. Do not spend your day sitting inside your tent. Make a list of outdoor games that you can play in the area and carry all the apparatus required for it. You could carry baseballs and badminton racquets in your camp set up, it transforms boring camping to adventure camping!

Camping ideas

6. Carry a map 

Since you're bound to be away from technology for a while, make sure to have a secure camping guide. If it is not available in the market, ask the locals to make a rough map of the area that you're camping in. A list of thrilling camping ideas is of no use if you get lost! It will make your venture easier and you'll always know which direction to head for.

7. Carry sleeping bags

Instead of going through the whole ordeal of carrying a pillow, sheets and blankets, simply carry a sleeping bag to wind up all the things into one. It is much more convenient to spread as well as to wrap up when compared to sheets and folds. When you're done sleeping just roll it back up and you again have all the free space that you need in your tent.

Camping ideas

8. Wrap everything up at night

Do not leave everything at its own stake and sleep peacefully at night knowing that all your stuff is scattered around the whole place. There might be rain, wind, anything at night and you'll either end up losing your stuff or the food will be an invitation to wild animals. Pack everything up and clean the place before you call it a night.

These are some camping ideas that are sure to help you when you head outdoors with your gang. It is best to go through it once after you're done packing to make sure that you aren't missing out on anything. Happy camping!