Booming online shopping- good or bad

Online shopping is the latest phenomenon in India’s online space. Men and women of all ages regularly visit e-commerce websites and acquire what is needed for life.

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1. Convenience

There is no doubt that online shopping can be very convenient for busy people. You can buy from your home, office or any other place where you can access a computer, tablet or smartphone and Internet access. You can search and shop at any time of the day or night from any location that is convenient to you, instead of having to take time from your day or night to go personally into local shops during business hours.

2. Discreet purchases

Physical stores often make it difficult to buy certain items. For example, buying underwear without having an awkward appearance is almost impossible. There are many examples of this, and sometimes you may feel embarrassed for no reason.

Online shopping gives you privacy because you will not have people watching it while you buy it. Not only that, but receipts are usually done so that nobody knows what you bought.

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3. Wide range of product mixes

When shopping online, you may find that there are more options available than if you focused your product search on items available in local areas. This is due to the fact that shop buyers have to make decisions about which items to carry in their physical stores, and these decisions are influenced by the local market demand, the success, and failure of past purchases and space constraints. storage.

For example, if you live in an area where the snow is rare, you will not find a variety of ski equipment in your local shops. However, if you are planning a ski holiday, you may have a real need for such items. Surely you will find a better online selection than in your hometown. The same is true if you live in an area without access to the sea, but you want to decorate a room at home on a beach theme. Local shops are unlikely to have a wide selection of beach decorations, but you will surely find a great variety online.

4. Get great discounts.

Other online stores offer significant discounts to normal retail stores. This is because they have reduced maintenance costs and even their sales are quite heavy. They focus on the total amount of sales that the profits they incur for sale.

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5.Compare Prices:

Compare and search products and their prices is much easier online. In addition, we have the opportunity to share information and comments with other buyers who have the first-hand experience with a product or a reseller.

6. Buy old or unused items at lower prices.

The Internet market makes it much easier for us to buy old or unused items at low prices. Also, if we want to buy antiques, there is no better place to find the best.



1. The possibility of wrong delivery of goods.

Even if you select the desired model and order the delivery. Many times there is a chance to get another color or design of the same brand. This is due to the lack of direct communication between the retail team and the customer.

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2. Shipment is added at cost.

What seems like a deal is not a good deal when shipping and handling costs are accounted for and added to the total. Make sure you carefully analyze how likely you are to pay for your merchandise to get to your door, or to the person for whom you buy it before you finish making your purchase decision.

3. Returns can be expensive.

It is essential to know the repatriation policy of any e-commerce retailer you are considering doing business with. Most sites do not pay for the return shipping if you have to return something, so often it costs you more money than you plan to spend to change an item.

The goods returned for a refund can also be expensive. Most online retailers do not reimburse shipping costs, nor the shipping cost or original shipping cost. This may mean that, for relatively low-value objects, it can cost almost as much as returning an item as to keep the merchandise.

4. Service for products can be a problem:

If you shop in local stores, any defect in the product can be solved easily, as the local vendor helps the customer to get a simpler service. But in online shopping, you must contact the manufacturer directly to get the service of your product.

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5. Inadequate Options:

In offline shopping, sellers will help you choose a good dress or shoe when purchasing. This is because they have a good experience with size and color that suits the customer. This help is not available for online purchases and you have to rely on your own way when purchasing.


Is online shopping right for you?

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if buying online is the best for you. It is likely that, for some types of purchases, online shopping makes more sense than buying locally, but the opposite is true for others.

The fact that online purchases are widely available simply means that today’s consumers have more options available than in the past decades. Carefully consider your chances to make sure you make wise and informed purchasing decisions that meet your needs and with which you are comfortable.