Bollywood’s Depiction Of Criminals And It’s Influence

It’s only natural that whatever we see, do and think heavily influences our future course of actions. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be wrong to argue that movies and media guide how we perceive things and form opinions. When we see movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, we end up harboring a great deal of respect for the protagonist. Moreover, these movies inspire us because how the character goes about his life, directly or indirectly controls how we go about ours. It's just how human cognition works.  

bollywood's depiction of criminals

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Of late we have been having a flood of Bollywood movies based on real-life convicted criminals like Dawood Ibrahim, Manya Surve, Haseena Parker among many others. These movies portray the lead character, however severe their nature of crime may be, as someone who is a Hero and Godfather.  All thanks to the money-minded Bollywood filmmakers, these movies portray the life of these criminals with extra glamour more than enough to have a long queue at the box office. This has put Bollywood's depiction of criminals into question. These movies sell full-proofs plans and ideas of robbery, murder, and kidnapping enough to ignite one in your head.  Since the strategies depicted are tried and tested no wonder we are having a rise in crimes. Movies like Apharan, Drishyam, and Special 26  have actually motivated real life offenses of kidnapping, murder, robbery, and fraud.

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One of the major reasons behind juvenile delinquency is the exposure to these media. Bollywood's depiction of criminals forges a theory that you can make fast money only through crime, have an adventure in killing people and have absolutely no guilt in the perpetuation of sadism. These things are only adding to the criminal mentality of citizens especially youth. They watch, seek inspiration and consequently commit crime completely blind to the consequences. Now there is no going away from the fact that not all who watch these movies end up committing crimes or developing a criminal mindset. But even if it inspires only a fraction of young minds then that’s enough for us to worry. I feel that the notion of people longing for the life as portrayed in Bollywood's depiction of criminals is no less than brainwashing of innocent minds done by the terrorist groups. They start seeking things which are not just dangerous for them but also for the society.

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Now there’s no effective procedure to stop the filmmakers from making such movies. But what can be done is that we can train young minds in making the right decisions. When you can become either Haseena Parker or Neerja Bhanot, be a Neerja. When given a choice between Dawood Ibrahim and Milkha Singh, be a Milkha.

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