Is Something Real Left in Bollywood Awards Shows?

Bollywood, the largest cinema industry in India is rapidly developing and growing in cinema entertainment sector with its iconic films. Talented directors, actors, producers, story writers and other technicians have made sure that the quality of cinema dished out to the audience is improving every year.

Awards are a wonderful way of rewarding visionaries in film making for their constant efforts to improve and evolve the world of cinema. But over the years unethical practices have crept up in Bollywood which have raised serious doubts regarding the authenticity of these award functions.


Famous Award Shows in Bollywood

  1. Film fare awards.
  2. IIFA Awards.
  3. Stardust Awards.
  4. Screen Awards.
  5. Zee Cine Awards.
  6. Star Guilds Awards.
  7. GIMA Awards.
  8. TOIFA Awards.
  9. Big star entertainment Awards.
  10. Mirchi Music Awards.

Credibility of the award shows

Bollywood award shows, over the years have ceased to be the occasion to honor great works in the field of cinema and have been reduced to a publicity stunt and a PR gimmick. Invariably, excellent performances from lesser known actors are overlooked and big stars who are known to mint money at the box office owing to their huge star power also walk away with the awards. Just recently, there was a huge uproar when a breakthrough performance in movies like Manjhi and Sarabjit were overlooked in favor of popular movies like Bajirao Mastani.


Even mainstream stars such as Aamir Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Ajay Devgun, Akshay Kumar and Saif keep a distance from these shows as have time and again claimed them to be fake. In a recent interview with Anupama Chopra, Saif Ali Khan opened up on what he feels about these award shows. He marked the Bollywood awards show FAKE in the world and the reasons were really genuine.


There was a time when people used to wait eagerly to watch awards shows with a great excitement as they got to see ample of celebrities on the same platform but now even they have been turned off by the inconsistencies which these shows display. Time and again, the actors who are present on the said day are given a preference and awarded by the show jury.

How do we save them

All the award shows should be made to be transparent about their criteria and how the winners are announced. Once, the criteria is in place, there will be lesser scope of fudging the results in favor of some particular person or film.

In short I’ll conclude with the self-written quote that “Rewarding the real one will only give the taste of Reality”.