Bleed Blue!!!

Bleed Blue! This cry you can hear all around during any big or small cricketing series in India. Cricket is one of the most important #Festival of India. Yes, it is a festival for our country as we the #Indians follow this game as a pure and honest devotee and worship all our individual favourite players just like God. I was shocked when my grandmother asked today whether #Yuvraj is playing or not..???

She never took a bit of interest in any sport not even #Cricket as she is in her 70s and just like to be indulged only in holy channels and stuff. But when it comes to match of #IndianCricketTeam it's so overwhelming that she just pray for the team and bless all of them in her own way.Especially #YuvrajSingh. I don't know why but maybe he reminds her of my grandfather..???? Yeah, he was a handsome man. ??

Right now each and every person who is a true "Cricket Fan" is glued to their television screen and just want the team to win this grand match so that the #SundayPlans can be fixed as an #CricketDay for supporting their team. ????????

Honestly, I am also not a #CricketPerson but when it comes to the Indian team, just like a fundamental right, #TheRightToSupport enlightens the true citizen within me. The roads are vacant, the traffic is not there, the people are glued to either way of getting the updates of the match. If this is not a Festival then it's more than that. ????

Being a #Dhoni&Kohli fan, just want to say #BleedBlue. Eagerly waiting for the #Finale. Tempting to see #India Vs Pakistan. Fingers crossed. Hope this #MaukaMauka will be provided to us.????

1Nation, 1Voice, Bleed Blue!!!

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