Top 10 Couples of Previous Seasons of Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss season 11 is here people!! What do we expect from this show? Obviously entertainment. But this beautiful game has also given us some romance. Couples were seen in every season. Many of them broke up after the show but some managed to stay in news for long. Some even got married on the show like Sara Khan and Ali Merchant and some after the show like Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel! We saw more than 15 couples in the previous seasons but we have managed to get you the list of Top 10 couples in previous seasons of Bigg Boss. Although there is a couple already in season 11 let us have a look at the top 10 couples of previous seasons. We start off with Season 1….

#1. Anupama Chopra and Aryan Vaidya – Season 1

top 10 couples

So, season 1 was always considered the best. Both Anupama and Aryan were models and became really close to each other while they stayed in the house. They were also in touch with each other after the show. However, it was just a publicity stunt according to speculations.

#2. Payal Rohatgi/Monica Bedi and Rahul Mahajan – Season 2

top 10 couples

Rahul Mahajan is considered as a really confused person! He dated Payal after his divorce with Shweta, his first wife. It was going great but suddenly he developed feelings for Monica Bedi and even proposed her. But Monica refused. Payal, on the other hand, is now in a relationship with wrestler Sangram Singh.

#3. Claudia Ciesla and Parvesh Rana – Season 3

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A desi munda and a videshi girl. What a combination was it! Both of them bonded quite well and got intimate many times during their stay in the show. But as always a few years after the show Parvesh Rana declined any relationship with her.

#4. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant – Season 4

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This beautiful looking couple got married on national television. Ali was Sara’s alleged ex whose pictures were torn by her on the show. But the twist in the tale was that he came on the show and proposed her for marriage and she said – YES!! The marriage did not last long and news came that marriage was fake and both of them were paid Rs. 50 Lakhs each.

#5. Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep Saigal – Season 5

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While almost everyone had a problem in dealing with Akashdeep for his short temper, Pooja didn’t. They were together for long even after the show and were doing great. Akashdeep also got his bicep inked with Pooja’s name to express his love for her.

#6. Karishma Kotak and Vishal Karwal – Season 6

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Just as everyone started thinking that Sana Khan and Vishal Karwal might be a thing, he shifted his loyalties to Karishma Kotak. Karishma and Vishal dated for a few years after the show but got separated in 2014.

#7. Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Malik – Season 7

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They acted like an ideal couple in the house. Defending each other in certain circumstances. Even though Tanisha’s family did not like this, they did not part ways and were together. Both wanted to take this to the next level. Mika (Armaan’s close friend) also made an announcement on a social networking website. But here again, the duo decided to part ways. Season 7 had more couples but the chemistry between these two gave them an entry in our list of top 10 couples of previous seasons.

#8. Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel – Season 8

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They were another favorite couple who fell in love on the show. They were together for a long time even after the show. The duo also participated in Nach Baliye 7, where Upen proposed Karishma and the two got engaged. But after some time Upen gave the news of their split.

#9. Yuvika Chaudhary/Nora Fatehi and Prince Narula – Season 9

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Prince was an innocent looking boy, who made his feelings transparent for Yuvika(co-contestant). This got over as soon as she got evicted. But there was something between the two. After Yuvika’s eviction, Price pursued Nora(Wild Card Entrant) and openly confessed his love for her but after the show, they remained ‘Just Friends’,

#10. Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gurjar – Season 10

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This season of Bigg Boss belonged to commoners in every possible way. Manveer and Nitibha never really accepted the fact that they were a couple, but their attraction towards each other was visible. They fought and made up, they even stood up for each other. But the duo parted after the season was over. Eventually, Manveer won this season!

So that was our list of top 10 couples that were seen in the previous seasons of Bigg Boss. But we have one more couple on this list and it is from current season i.e. season 11. Yes, we are talking about Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma. The duo is having a great time together. And we might see something interesting in upcoming days of Bigg Boss’s season 11.