Bigg Boss contestants whom Salman Khan absolutely loved!

Bigg Boss- this reality show has been infamous for churning out high voltage drama ever since it’s inception 11 years ago. Everything about this show has always been controversial, yet has managed to grab the headlines. From the interesting mix of contestants every season to the fights, nonsensical dramas, abusive behaviors and spiced up situations, Bigg Boss offers us what we call a ‘paisa vasool’ entertainment. And the esteemed host of the show, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, has also provoked them to show us their crazy histrionics, or else he has talked and done things worth grabbing the top headlines of entertainment.

Across the eleven seasons that it has spanned, Salman Khan has, in some way or the other, expressed a special ‘liking’ or adoration for a few contestants. He even went further by helping them grab films and wheeling their budding careers. We really can’t say who can actually be a prospective favourite of Salman in the latest season of Bigg Boss( although we know he’s got a great enemy in Zubair Khan. 😛 ), but we do have a consolidated list of all the famous contestants of the previous seasons, who managed to grab Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s attention and went on to have quite good careers, courtesy him.

1. Sunny Leone

Bigg Boss season 5 was set on fire when it was announced that Sunny Leone, a then adult star was going to make an entry as a wild card. She proved to be quite the opposite of what she was assumed. She instantly grabbed the attention of Salman Khan with her innocence, sweetness, and of course, her ‘pole dance’ on the show. She definitely won Salman’s respect and is now a hand on Bollywood actress with many films and a successful, currently running show ‘Splitsvilla’ in her kitty. Success did come her way and the tag of a porn star went away easily, thanks to Salman Khan.

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2. Elli Avram

This cute-looking Swedish Greek actress instantly managed to swoon over Salman Khan in the show’s seventh season. She has one of the best rapport with Salman Khan and can be seen in many parties and celebrations hosted by him. In the seventh season too, we could see their sweet banters, conversations and their likeability. They are so comfortable with each other, that occasional rumors of them getting married have surfaced. Nonetheless, because of her Bigg Boss fame, Elli Avram remains in the spotlight by doing a few movies, some item songs, and cameos. She is more known for starring in movies like ‘Mickey Virus'( with Manish Paul) and ‘Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon’ (with Kapil Sharma).

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3. Tanisha Mukherjee

Her stint in Bollywood was downright unsuccessful, even though she is famous actress Kajol’s younger real sister. But, her participation in the seventh season of Bigg Boss gave quite a boost to her lost fame. Being dear friend Ajay Devgn’s sister in law, Salman Khan automatically had a soft spot for her. She also managed to remain in the limelight due to her romance with fellow contestant Armaan Kohli, although that didn’t see a happy ending. Salman Khan never ceased to defend her and jump in her support. It was very much evident. Somewhat, these all gave her some amount of exposure.

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4. Mahek Chahal

One of the strongest contenders for Bigg Boss season 5, she was one of the strongest favorites of Salman Khan too! Not only her sultry looks, her confidence also grabbed his attention. The bold actress created a controversy when she landed up in a heated argument with fellow contestant Akashdeep Saigal. She also created controversy because of her alleged romantic affair with another fellow contestant Ashmit Patel. Nevertheless, she was lauded by Salman Khan on various occasions for taking a stand for herself, for being positively argumentative and for being bold. Having previously also starred in an item song in Salman Khan’s superhit movie ‘Wanted’, she easily created a sweet spot inside him.

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5. Gautam Gulati

He is one of those few male contestants of all seasons of Bigg Boss, who Salman Khan totally adored. Not only him, even the audience loved his stint in the show. Salman Khan regarded him as one of the ‘best contestants’ of season eight. Although he mostly kept to himself and remained calm and composed, he was always a winner in every argument and every controversial situation. He had easily gained the confidence of Salman Khan. Although he sometimes lost his cool on the show, because of Salman, he could have a long run and eventually become the winner! He managed to grab quite good television shows, short films, has appeared as a guest in the other seasons of Bigg Boss, and also starred in the recent commercial success ‘Azhar’. His career is definitely hanging on decent rungs as of now, thanks to Salman Khan’s support.

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So, these people definitely had something in them to melt the affection of Salman Khan. The recent season is a mix of so many confusing characters, that it is hard to predict if there will be anyone who can gain Salman’s confidence. Hina Khan is a strong contender, although. Well, let’s see and wait what drama unfolds in Bigg Boss season 11!