Big Boss 11: 5 Most Interesting contestants of this Season

Get bound ladies and gents, it is that time of the year. The most hooked on T.V. show of India is here. Big Boss 11. This reality show started in November. 2006 (back when it used to be chilly in at this time of the month). This show for some is pure entertainment, for some, it is an educating platform about what all is going in other states of India, what all 'types' of people one can find here.  It is exciting,  to get to see different people with varied talents coming from unexpected of places. One thing is for sure, big boss contestants are different. Everyone is selected for some reason and seeing them on national T.V makes them judgemental stereotypes doubt their thinking.Big Boss 11 has started, and till now here are the 5 most interesting contestants of this season.

1. Shilpa Shinde

Big Boss 11

The trendsetter of "Sahi pakde hai" dialogue is a contestant of Big Boss 11. She became quite famous for her role in the T.V. show "Bhabhi ji ghar par hai" and then turned somewhat controversial when she suddenly left the show which some say was because of the overwhelmed fame she had received and wanted to star in something bigger. But she ended up with no other roles and is being seen now on Big Boss 11.

2. Akash Anil Dadlani

big boss 11

This former tennis player is a U.S. based rapper who would rather like to call himself 'A-Cash". He has worked with famous celebrities in Bollywood. By the way, he was also a superdude of the 'Superdude Bindass Contest." 

3. Jyoti Kumari

big boss 11

She adds to the commoner bit of the show. This non-celebrity belongs to Bihar. As seen till now, she has a very straightforward approach. Most of the non-celebrities seen on this show seem to get in trouble because of this approach as they do not understand the twisties in the Bollywood industry. She has topped her 10th and 12th exams and she has also cleared her UPSC exams. Let's see if she tops this one. 

4. Hina Khan

big boss 11

Hina Khan is a famed actress of the Indian T.V. show "Ye rishta kya kehlata hai". Originated from Jammu and Kashmir, She is one of the top 50 sexiest Asian women. She was also the 1st runner-up of the game show "Khatron ke khiladi". Rumours are she is the highest paid contestant of Big Boss 11.

5. Sshivani Durga

big boss 11

Noticed an extra 's' there… oh! this one is religious. Sshivani Durga is an Indian guru. She is an occultist who claims to be on the show to clear out the misconceptions created by a similar-not so similar guru in the last season. She is a legit occultist. She holds a degree in Occultism. Honestly, she gives a mix hippie- scary vibe.

Let's see what more Big Boss 11 has in store for us, we expect some more interesting contestants in wild card entries. This show remains a hit by every passing year; especially because of the Salman Khan ingredient and all the weird amusement he brings along with him. So glue yourself to the T.V. and watch this pure entertainment.