Best Winter Destinations Around The World

Whenever the cold weather dangles around, our travel daydreams tend to vary between two very different types of vacations: winter wonderlands and tropical beaches. Some travelers are captivated by winter’s first snowfall, while others are itching to get away from the season’s frigid weather. Not every destination is befitted to winter, but for those that are, there’s unconvincing to be a better time to visit. Let’s have a look at the best winter destinations

7 Best Winter Destinations

Hallstatt, Austria

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Some places in Europe look their most natural during winter, like the pretty little alpine town of Hallstatt. Sitting isolated by a lake, this small Austrian town is dwarfed by the nearby Alps that look like their truest self when gleaming with white snow. But what makes Hallstatt so special is its combination of majestic landscape and delightfully quaint alpine houses. Hallstatt is a very pretty place during summer and spring too, but winter elevates it to an unmissable destination.


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Greenland is icy, curious, and one of the most naturally beautiful destination on the planet. The world’s most substantial non-continental island is so much more than glaciers think magnificent fjords, vivid villages, and fields of sheep.

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, USA

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Mammoth Cave is the prolonged known cave system in the world. Situated in the heart of Kentucky, the intricate system serves as a warm refuge as the ground above begins to freeze. The park offers a variety of tours through the caves, and tourism slows down in the winter, which means you can get a look at this geologic wonder in a group much smaller than the one you’d be stuck with the rest of the year.

Nuremberg, Germany

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Europe is exceptionally well known for its Christmas markets, and if Germany is considered to have the finest, then the best of the best is found in the city of Nuremberg. This Bavarian city is home to one of the most famous Christmas markets in Germany, elevating a splendid medieval old town into a dreamland. The Nuremberg Christmas markets don’t just sell food and drinks though. They have plenty of potential souvenirs and gifts on offer, from Christmas ornaments to otherworldly knickknacks.

Nainital, Uttarakhand

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If you are in the cold reaches of Uttarakhand as the winter sets in, then fore to Nainital that is blessed with lavish lakes and abundant beauty. It does get freezing in winter, being adjoined by Himalayan ranges, but it’s also charming. One of the plus points is that the weather is not as rasping as found further north, so even on the coldest days, you can enjoy going outside in the snow. You can go lake hopping, admire the snow-laden Himalayan peaks from the Snow Viewpoint, go shopping at mall road, or get up-close with exotic birds and animals at the zoo.

Zihuatanejo, Mexico

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Over on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, two beach towns sit side-by-side: Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. They couldn’t be more different. Ixtapa, stacked with high-rise hotels and modern infrastructure was purpose-built for tourists, while, just around the bay, Zihuatanejo has kept hold of its old-world charm and sleepy-fishing-village feel. It’s a low-key beach retreat with genuine Mexican flair; fisherman flog their catches on the shore each morning, and the town center is filled with historical cobbled streets and a buzzy market. Clutches of boutique properties sit right on the beach or overlooking the bay – which is a hit with surfers. It’s hot all year round, but October to April sees the least rain, making this a perfect spot for a hit of winter vitamin D.

Thai Island

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The islands of Thailand are the pack of castaway fantasies. White sand, rustic-chic beach shacks, a hammock gently swaying between two palm trees as a turquoise sea lap at the shore… There are dozens to choose from, and each offers something quite different, from the super-spas of Koh Samui to barefoot beach-bum in Koh Lipe, while Koh Lanta remains quietly chilled out with lovely places to stay on beaches that stretch for miles