Do’s and Don’t’s To Make It Your Best Road Trip


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      THE PLOT

Picture this: You’re couching on the backseat of a car, swaying your head to the tunes of a slow, soft track playing on the stereo, with your eyes closed and a gleam of pleasure curled up in your lips. You dreamily open your eyes, look through the window, feel the breeze in your hair and are just about to pop your head further out while a coarser than usual ring in the telephone wakes you up with a start and you realize that the anticipated five minutes' slumber break that you risked in the middle of an utterly average office day has spilled into a 43 minutes’ long span of unproductiveness. Let’s not even get to the part where some of your sneering co-mates begin to consider having a little talk about this incident, of course all in good humor, with your boss.

If something even remotely close to the aforementioned narration has happened to you, or you fear is on the verge of happening, wait no more. The ailment you suffer from is an overworked soul and if you don’t cure it soon, bear no doubts that you will be dragged to the point of insanity. 

Your perfectly untimely dream has already shown you the way for the cure: GET SET FOR A ROAD TRIP! Not that you can anyway afford a long vacation crammed into a weekend, sandwiched between meetings, deadlines, files, assignments, to-do-lists, schedules, rights, wrongs and I think I should stop with these now.

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Weekend getaways, as you see, are like a breath of fresh air. They not only provide you with a near perfect, though temporary escapade from the hustles of your daily chores, but also boost you with a spirit (pun sincerely not intended) adequate to keep you going for the weeks to come.

In this regard, I present a couple of do’s and don’t’s that you may follow while you’re planning a road map for your road trip:


  • Make a serious plan. No, not the grumpy sort of serious, but an efficient one. Plan the destination for the trip at least a week ahead in time. Travel schemes made out of thin air may only sound adventurous, but they more often than not end up becoming Goa memes.
  • Make a list of the road trip essentials that you need to pack before you start shoving them into your bags, otherwise, by the law of Nature, you will be sure to miss one or the other article of perceived importance and any attempt to get it back midway into the trip would present you with a memorable vacation inside the car.
  • Charge your devices, be it your camera, phone or tablet, well in advance. You won’t want to miss a fabulous shot while gliding through picturesque roads.


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  • Make a decent budget plan and discuss clearly the contributions each has to make to the trip. Free riders are as unwelcome as overtly benevolent members. “Equality is the soul of liberty”. You can google the author of this quote.
  • Give a proper consideration to who you shall include in your trip. Not everyone in the group might gel as well as you think. This might end up in the waging of petty cold wars as a result of a conflict of ideas.
  • Whether you’re riding in a car or a bike, make sure you’ve made space for the equipment necessary to ensure that you’ll have a smooth travel.
  • Some good music will bring the right amount of groove to your journey. Give all the members a fair chance of playing their favorite songs, but none too loud to make things difficult for the one who’s driving.

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  • Not that day outs are any less fun, in case you’re having a ladies’ night out, it is very important that you look into the safety of your travels. Keep adequate self-protection gear in handy.


  • Do not rush things. If a trip planned for the following week gets postponed due to some reason, do not let your wanderlust vanish into a puff of smoke. The adage that there is always a next time is not a myth, and it can well be next to the following week!
  •  In case you get into a tiff with a friend during your trip, do not let that hamper your or anybody else’s holiday mood. Try to make good memories last longer than the unpleasant ones. And make that a tip for life.
  • Leave your weekday stress at your doorstep. When you’ve hardly managed to steal a slice of life from the chore of living, you should indulge in its pleasure to the fullest.

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  • Don’t hashtag your vacation away. Keep that ridiculous addiction of yours at bay. You don’t want to come back and not be able to remember anything other than what photo effect you chose before uploading a snap of your toenails against the backdrop of palm trees, except, maybe, that there were palm trees.
  • While planning is essential, do not make the affair entirely mechanical. Breathe in a moment or two unfiltered.


Is it not that the mere thought of a travel throws our way an array of positive vibes? Trust the wanderer in you, for you’ve marked the map in your head long before you plot it on paper. The best road trips aren’t the ones with the most lavish of arrangements, but those with a smart blend of planning and enthusiasm. So, push away those blues of mundaneness, start calling up your gang and hit the road! 


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