Best Places To Take Road Trip To In India

Road trips are possibly the best way to quench your desire for adventure and escape monotony. To simply pack up your bags, start up your engines and buzz away is the best kind of gap you can get from stress and drama. For those, who find delight in travelling unusual, road trips are the best ways to explore and discover life across different places. Whether in the east, west, north or south, India offers an abundance of roads and destinations that make for captivating road-trip. So here is the list of Best places to take a road trip to in India.

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Top 5 Destinations To Take Road Trip To In India

Mumbai To Pune Expressway

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One of the leading highways in India, the Mumbai-Pune Highway is the main relish of this road trip. Take in the enjoyment and zeal of this highway over this trip. People usually bound from Mumbai to Pune to escape Mumbai’s noise, pollution, chaos, & to enjoy the glitzy nightlife of the city. The best time to take this road trip for a once in a lifetime experience is between August & March. The attractive surroundings and lush green leaves are great at pacifying those jittery nerves. So if you are in the region and you seem to plan to take a road trip look no further. You will also get stops at well-liked eateries to stuff your mouth with delivery north Indian food at places like Sunny Da Dhaba and The Kinara Village Dhaba, which have old school dhaba ambience to match with the food.

Chennai To Pondicherry

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It is among the finest road trips in India as it’s one where the journey will carry you more memories and greater experience than the actual destination itself. The Sea on one side of the road is a sight to behold as the day grows. Surprisingly, Chetan Bhagat, the author speaks highly of the road as he has written about it in his book. This is one special stretch that is complemented by the sea alongside the long turning road to the beautiful city of Pondicherry. Also while moving to Be prepared for a lot of Photography sessions while on the road! Almost every mile presents a picture-perfect photo opportunity. Also, You can make a stopover at Mahabalipuram to enjoy the beaches and treat your tummy.

Golden Triangle- Delhi To Agra To Jaipur

The well known Golden Triangle road makes up for one of the top road trips in India. And not just the road, but the three culturally and historically lavish cities offer a prominent view for travellers, including the Taj Mahal at Agra and the several monuments at Jaipur. It is an excitement for culture-vultures, who love exploring monuments and the history connected with them. So start your journey from Delhi and drive to Agra via the Yamuna Expressway, one of the country’s finest roads.

Mumbai To Goa

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The road trip connecting the wonderful Mumbai and Goa needs no introduction. This can apparently be called the Father of Indian road trips. Drive towards the sun, the sea and the sand on a delightful road that will motivate and prepare you up for the upcoming fun.  Driving on National Highway 17 is happiness, and the beautiful route has various food joints to answer your food cravings on the way to the beach party capital of India – Goa. The Mumbai to Goa road trip is nothing short of captivating  – all scenic beauty, with the Western Ghats from end to end – and the best choice among Mumbaikars. The best time to take this perfectly perfect road trip is between December and January.

Manali To Leh

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The beauty of the road trip in India from Manali to Leh cannot be captured in words. Words do fail to describe the beauty of the Manali to Leh highway drive and one must be there to witness its beauty in all its snowy glory. The road from Manali to Leh, though hazardous, is value all the weariness. This road trip is off-the-chart magnificent and needs to be experienced for yourself. Also do take a break at Keylong and further at Sarchu to relax and acclimate to the high altitude.