Best of Guru Randhawa



Guru Randhawa is one of the most versatile Punjabi singers in the Punjabi music industry. There are many variations in all songs of Guru Randhawa, all being the mood lifters. From a technical perspective, each of his songs is sung on a different pitch and tempo. He has sung pop songs as well as dance numbers such as High Rated Gebru and Ban Ja Rani. 

Guru Randhawa who is 26 years old, was born inthe village Noorpur, District Gurdaspur in Punjab. Guru Randhawa is unmarried and is not dating anyone. He completed his masters in Business administration from  a college in  New Delhi. He follows Sikhism by religion. 

 The songs sung by Randhawa are very popular not only in India but outside India also. The music in most of his songs is full of energy. A popular Guru Randhawa song, Lahore has broken the barriers and became the first song to feature in YouTube Top 25 Billboard. The beat of the song is peppy.

Here is the Best of Guru Randhawa:

1) Lahore

2) Suit Suit

3) Patola 

4) Kaun Nachdi

5) Fashion

6) High rated Gabru

7) Raat Kamal Hai

8) Taare

9) Lagdi Hai Thain

10) Ban Ja Meri Rani.

Punjabi songs which are known to add a fun element to the environment has its list going on with the songs of singers like Guru Randhawa. All we can say is Punjabi music is spreading all over the world.