Best Of Goa Beyond Sun And Sea

Explore the beautiful Goa Beyond Sun Sand and Sea. Goa has been one of the hot destinations for Indians as well as all the international tourists. The great nightlife and the immaculate beaches of Goa are what actually vends this state as a crucial tourist destination. We are pretty sure that 90% of Goa’s tourists have come to relax on the beaches, party in the nightclubs and have gone back. There is a side of goa that is beyond the sea, sun, and sand and that can be observed only when you become enlightened of the reality that Goa has more to offer than the usual. There are, however, so many more features of this little sunshine state.

Churches Of Goa

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If there is something that spell-bounds a person in Goa then it would for sure be the old churches in Goa. Standing tall with its history and stunning architectural marvels, the Churches in Goa are a delight to explore. They are part of the iconic landscape of the Goa and you can’t miss them in the coastal state. The Church hopping can be quite thrilling in Goa. The most remarkable of all is the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception in the middle of a busy street of Panjim. The giant captivating white church is frequented by travellers. Also, the Bom Jesus church where the body of St Xavier is is still maintained and displayed. There is a lot of legacy in the whole of Old Goa that’s fascinating to explore.

Waterfalls In Goa

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If you a nature lover and enjoy cascading waterfalls, Goa can charm you with a few popular and hidden waterfalls. If you are a trekker, it’s even better as some of the waterfalls are located in offbeat terrains that require advanced trekking skills. The most popular one is the iconic Dudhsagar waterfalls which is one of the most picturesque waterfalls located on the border of Goa and Karnataka. The Hivre Waterfalls in Valpoi attracts a lot of tourists and nature lovers throughout the year.

River Islands

Two river islands of Mandovi River – Chorao & Divar are heavens for birding. Go for early morning walks and point birds in the mangroves by the riverside or in the fields just a little extent away. You can also go boating for birding off Chorao island, which is also accommodation to the Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary.

Forts In Goa

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Goa is home to several forts that play a crucial role in its history. You will be surprised that the coastline of this small state is dotted with many forts. None of them is really big, but that does not diminish their heritage value. Apart from the antiquity that each fort has – it’s the stance view that each provides that is the most desired amongst visitors. The Amazing forts that one should visit for sure are CHAPORA FORT, AGUADA FORT, TEREKHOL FORT and REIS MAGOS FORT.

Markets Of Goa

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During the tourist season i.e. from Oct-Mar, two well known weekly markets take place in Goa – not too far from each other. One is Arpora Saturday Night Market – which is been loved for all the quirky creative stuff that it sells and the live music.  Another is Anjuna Flea Market that happens on Wednesday next to Anjuna beach. Besides these, you can visit the Mapusa market on Fridays and Panaji Municipal market on any day. Although these are regular city markets for vegetables, fruits, fish etc, what found unique here is the local produce that you get – especially local fruits like Kokum and seasonal wild berries. Villagers still come to these markets to sell their produce, and it is fun talking to them. Always remember that Goa is a coastal town and seafood is an essential part of the cuisine of Goa. So, inspect some of the local fish markets or if you are brave enough.

Yoga And Wellness

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Goa is synonymous with serenity and yoga is the art of relaxing the body and mind. It is the ideal getaway to learn great yoga among the sand dunes of beaches, One can learn hatha yoga or reflect in the serene environs. While learning the art of yoga travellers and students can stay in simple huts and enjoy the rudimentary lifestyle. In Goa, yoga courses can be combined with Ayurvedic treatments. From massages to facials, Goa offers a lot of relaxation techniques to calm your tired nerves.