Comedy movies in Bollywood you need to watch right away!

Bollywood has always managed to dish out frivolous, yet entertaining movies. They make us jump on our seats, laugh till our stomach hurts, and cry till our eyes are red. No matter how much we love Hollywood movies and their sensible cinema, deep down we know, we genuinely love our Bollywood movies! And, one of the most loved genres of Bollywood is the comedy. Since the 70s, comedy movies have always enchanted and entertained us. From the over-the-top dramas to genuine laugh gags, we have always loved Hindi comedy movies. Even now, when we see a new comedy movie coming up, our Friday movie tickets are already booked.

So, are you confused which movie should you pick up for your next dose of entertainment? Especially amongst comedy movies? Don't worry! From the 90s classics to the latest, we have handpicked for you the best comedy movies of Bollywood you need to watch! Afterall, laughter is indisputably the best medicine!

1. Angoor(1982)

Director: Gulzar

This is, undeniably, one of the best classic comedy movies of all time! Starring veteran actors like Sanjeev Kumar, Moushumi Chatterjee, and Deepti Naval, it was adapted from Shakespeare's play 'Comedy of Errors'. Directed by Gulzar, this movie clearly shows his craftsmanship as a deft storyteller. The actors display impeccable comic timings, the scenes are utterly hilarious and the plot of the story is super funny. The story will appeal even to the youngsters of today's generation. So, obviously, this makes to our wishlist of watching the best comedy movies!

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2.  Gol Maal(1979)

Director: Hrishikesh Mukherjee

This movie definitely belongs to the category of the cult and classic Hindi comedy movies of all time! Starring prolific actors like Utpal Dutt, Deven Verma, and Kamal Hasan, this movie doesn't have a single scene where you don't laugh wholeheartedly! It is a very simple story that revolves around deception and fake twins. The music of the movie, directed by R.D. Burman, lingers in your ears like a soothing yet fun melody. Hrishikesh Mukherjee, who is known for his light-hearted comedy movies, nails it in this one too!

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3.Andaaz Apna Apna

Director: Rajkumar Santoshi

Starring  Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Raveena Tandon and Karishma Kapoor, this movie is a fresh take on the comedic formula of 'errors'. With an array of funny characters like Amar, Prem, Gogo, Teja etc, the story funnily presents how Amar and Prem try to win a multi-millionaire girl Raveena, but end up running into a gangster! Every scene is hilarious, and Rajkumar Santoshi yet again wins as an undeniably amazing comedy storyteller.

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4. Hera Pheri(2000)

Director: Priyadarshan

This is one of the funniest comedy movies of all time. Paresh Rawal is already known for his deft comic timing, but in this movie, Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty also showcase their comedic capabilities. It revolves around a landlord and his tenants in dire need of money. Through a telephonic cross connection, they chance upon a ransom call and decide to take the ransom to themselves. The movie is spersed with utterly hilarious scenes, good acting, endless laughter gags and a little romance too. This one definitely makes it to our must-watch list!

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5. The Munnabhai series(2003 and 2006)

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

Rajkumar Hirani embossed his stand in the Bollywood industry as a genius storyteller with the Munnabhai series. The two movies- Munnabhai MBBS(2003) and Lage Raho Munnabhai(2006) are comedy movies with an amazing story and a life lesson to teach us. The first one tells us that no matter how you are, a good heart and compassionate nature will always win. The latter tells us that there is a 'Gandhi' hidden in all of us, we just need to discover that within us. Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi, in their titular roles as Munnabhai and Circuit respectively, won our hearts with their comedic, simple yet touching portrayal. These characters also made them household names and Munnabhai became a cult comedy series.

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6. Dhamaal(2007)

Director: Indra Kumar

Dhamaal is yet another hilarious addition to our list of comedy movies. The gang of Arshad Warsi, Ashish Chaudhary, Javed Jaffrey, Riteish Deshmukh and Sanjay Dutt, along with the supporting cast, take us on a rollercoaster ride of comedy. Some scenes are no brainers, some scenes come out of nowhere, but in total, they work perfectly to make our stomachs churn with laughter! All the actors display commendable comic timings and appreciable acting skills. The story around a jackpot of a million bucks gives a perfect premise for all the hilarious squabbles, cheats and errors amongst the characters. You should definitely watch this movie at least once to have a hearty and funny time, although we know we can watch it multiple times without getting bored!

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7. 3 Idiots(2009)

Director: Rajkumar Hirani.

Who can forget this epic movie which trolls the Indian education system? One of the best comedy movies of all time, this Rajkumar Hirani helmed movie gives us 3 hours of continuous entertainment! The stellar performances by the lead cast of Aamir Khan, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani and Kareena Kapoor Khan make us laugh wholeheartedly. The humor is genuine, unforced and complies with relatable real-life situations. Doing so, it also takes a light but serious jibe at the existing education system of our country. It's an inspiring, emotional yet one of the funniest and unforgettable comedy movies of Indian cinema.

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Nowadays, life is quite full of stress and workload. Give yourself some cheat days and watch out these movies. The DVDs are affordable, you have your T.V. sets, and the humor is genuine! Laugh out loud and big, because these movies will not an inch disappoint you! These are considered to be Bollywood's flagship comedy movies, and we bet you'll be impressed too! Happy comedy watching! 😀