The Best Clubs In Delhi To Party Throughout The Weekend!

Delhi is not only the capital but also the clubbing capital of India. The presence of various universities in Delhi means that there is a very large number of students and youngsters in this place. Due to this reason, the pubs and clubs in Delhi are always a very sought after weekend getaway. If your own weekend plans are not finalized yet, do take a look at this compiled list of the best clubs in Delhi that could give you a really nice time and jazz you up for the weekdays to follow!


1. Kitti Su

Kitty Su is a very famous club in Delhi it is known for its extremely intense Electronic Dance Music that can leave your toes tapping to it. The club serves delicious food as well, and if you take a visit there do not forget to try their Chicken Tikka and Cheesy Nachos. It is open on only 3 days, that is, Wednesday Friday and Saturday. It is one of the best clubs in Delhi for private parties; consisting of a Champagne Lounge, a Tattoo Parlor and also a mini club within the clubs called The Salon.

best clubs in Delhi

2. Keya

Keya is a club located in the area of Vasant Kunj in Delhi. You could roam around Window shopping the whole day in DLF Promenade and head to Keya to celebrate the perfect weekend night party. It has an outdoor seating.


arrangement and a classic nightclub decor which is indeed very stunning. The cocktails of this place are really nice to make it a point to check them out!


3. The Electric Room

The best thing about The Electric Room is that the place literally never sleeps. It is open all day all night – that's right, 24 × 7. It hosts a number of events and serves amazing food by the side apart from the usual music and dance. Trust us when we say this, you won't ever have your fill of the amazing Mac n Cheese and Sushi Doughnuts that this place has.



Head to RSVP for the energetic and peppy music this place has. The food and drinks that it serves are equally amazing as well! If you're a cocktail person, do not forget to try their Bailey's Martini. Their iconic Choose Seekh Kebab, Chilli Paneer and Chicken Tikka, along with the usual music and dance, make it one of the best clubs in Delhi.


5. BED

BED is a relatively new club in Delhi. It stands for Beverage, Entertainment, and Dining and is a luxurious place for a night out with your friends. It is the perfect destination for throwing parties or simply celebrating your weekend. The food they have is great too, do not miss out on the Chicken Wings and Sushi.


6. Privee

Privee has to be one of this extremely popular among youngsters in Delhi. It hosts a number of amazing international DJ nights that you just cannot afford to miss! The location of this place is also another plus point – it is in Connaught Place, surrounded by other clubs and very interesting places to visit. Visit this club for some amazing music, food and drinks.

7. Lithium

Yes, you're right. The name of this place is inspired by the chemical element lithium, symbolizing that Lithium is charged up and full of life throughout the night. The club is segmented into three parts – a Club Room, a Drawing Room, and an Arena. It is, without doubt, one of the best clubs in Delhi owing to its stunning decor which will give you beautiful clubbing pictures.

8. Blue Bar

This amazing place is one of the best clubs in Delhi – experience live music and non stop dancing to EDM after 11 pm along with a generous combination of food and drinks. It has both indoor and outdoor seating facilities and also a swimming pool.

These are some of the selected few best clubs in Delhi which will fill you up with enough energy to survive the rest of the week. So where are you heading at?