How to become better at writing?

How to become good at writing?

There are too many things in this world which one can observe and write about. There are too many writers in this world caught up in the validation of whether they are good enough?
Writing is an art and a form of expression. It is not taught by people or any course. It is what you feel and observe. There are many obvious tips and tricks, but for one to become a good writer. You should express yourself through your words. Being honest to your audience and connecting positively is the best tip for becoming a writer.

Know this one thing straight about writing, not everyone will be able to understand your expression. Not everyone will get your point but doesn’t mean you will stop. Accepting criticism is a part of every story that you write.


Here are a few tips on how you can become an effective writer:


1. Read

Good writers read a lot. Reading provides you with the knowledge. Knowledge will help you write and you will be able to express more. So grab as much as knowledge you can and start writing for good.

2. Get an editor


If you think you’re not good enough, get a person/friend who can proofread your writing. Sometimes, we don’t see the mistakes we are making. Editor is a professional whose job is to find out the mistakes and make the piece better. If you’re a beginner and can’t hire an editor, ask your senior/friend who is good at writing to edit/proofread your item. This will help you grow. Don’t be hesitant about asking anything from your seniors or friends.


3. Observe

Being observant is one of the best tips to become good at writing. You don’t always need to think deep while writing. Sometimes what you see engages your mind and makes your thoughts useful. Travel, and observe how people live. Try to know about their culture. Writing about what you feel is the most honest kind of writing

4. Regular writing


Writing regularly will help you learn from your mistakes. Diary writing, poetry or any form of writing that you do, Don’t stop. Write everyday. Express your thoughts and feelings to the world.

These are a few basic and yet important tips one should know while writing. Let us know if it worked for you. Thanks for reading, now you can go and write.