How to become better at communication

How to become better at communication?

Well, if we think about it, Communication is only a process of exchanging dialogues to convey and receive.

Then why do people face problems related to communication?

Well, the only answer to this very communication is fear of being judged.
It’s been surveyed that people often people tend to make mistakes in interviews because of lack of confidence. Being nervous about certain aspects kills the real you. The interviewer you’re talking to is also human and has been through all these stages. What I need you to know that you need to accept whoever you are. When you’ll happily accept your personality and focus on growing, you’ll become better. The reality is people tend to worry more about what others will say if you make a mistake while speaking or writing.


Well, we are Indians and our mother tongue is ‘Hindi.’ We all are learning and no one is really perfect in speaking other languages. The unfortunate thing is that people have made speaking English a trend and that makes you nervous. Well, let me tell you one thing, nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own issues they deal with it and it is okay. But everyone can learn, right? There’s no harm in trying. You might fail 100 times but if you keep going and keep trying it. Trust me on this, it will work. People who don’t give up and have strong mindsets know what they really want.

Going on an interview? Meeting a personality that has more proficient in speaking than you? Have a presentation to host?
Well, don’t worry, we have got you covered here.  Here are a few tips on which will help you become better at communicating :


1.Non-verbal communication

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A study showed that 55 percent of the audience perceives more through non-verbal communication. This relates to how you use the space provided to you. If you’re communicating with someone, the non-verbal gestures are important. So make sure that whenever you’re conversing with someone, try to be more open and adapt yourself with the area.


2. Avoid relying on visual presentations

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Steve Jobs applied the rule of ban over powerpoint presentation. The reason behind this is that people need to communicate truly with their knowledge. Powerpoint presentations make you nervous, sub-consciously. It makes your communication less effective. You need to be direct and open to your audience. Whatever ideas that you are presenting, you need to understand that it is important for you to know the backgrounders already.



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Well, if you’re a person who really wants to learn. Asking for feedback after presentations or any interview is fine. It doesn’t hinder any values, it helps your personal growth. Kindly ask the opinions of people on how you did because they are the receiving end.


4. It is okay to make mistakes

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Everyone makes mistakes and that is how you grow. Growing doesn’t mean you have to be perfect with every word you speak. Biggest personality makes mistakes while communicating. But you need to understand that if you don’t try, you will never learn. There are no real pointers to know how to communicate well. It’s just about practice. The more you try, the more you grow.


These are a few important pointers if you’re in for learning. Don’t stress yourself too much. Communicate truly and be honest to your audience.