Bahubali 2 : My Honest And Unbiased Movie Review




“Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” will leave you in splits, if you were expecting anything less than a combination of excellent teamwork and extreme hustle by every person who added to make this epic. It is a VFX based fantasy product which definitely nukes the optimistic, anxious aura to a whole new level, which was initially created by the first part – Bahubali: The Beginning. This magnum opus has, without a doubt, brought down all box office records by making an unexpected Rs 441 crores in just five days and has been titled as the highest grabbing-in film ever in its history. Obviously raising the status quo of the reputation of Indian cinema, it leaves everyone with a sense of nostalgia of what meaning old movies used to bring to the commonplace.



Special Scenes

Coming to the story, this brings in a settling feeling of being a prequel than a sequel. It takes us back to the immersing love saga of Amarendra and Devasena, which is heavenly, pure and emotionally drowning in its own way – making you crave for more. The scene where he teaches Devasena archery is like spell bounding, reminding every Indian of what legend their ancestors were, respecting women and make them self-dependent as and when required.



The movie plot of this movie is concise, sharp-edged and as anticipated, focuses on the age-old theme of good surpassing and defeating all the evil coming in its way. The main protagonist of this movie, played by the multi-faceted Prabhas, plays the role in an exquisite manner, keeping you immersed, as the story progresses. This honest, unforgiving leader, keeps you demanding him throughout the vital scenes of the movie with some very pleasing action scenes and full of thrust dialogues. This movie sets a precedent for you to fight for what you believe in and is a tribute to heroism.

As already mentioned, this sequel movie is jam packed with powerful performances by the unrelenting acting of its lead actors. Rana Daggubati and Nasser’s performances, as Bhallaladeva and Bijjaladeva, are terrific, are screen presence and pupil engagement to till the very end. Getting to the lady, Anushka delivers her career's best performance as the warrior princess Devasena. It is seldom in Indian cinema that you get to see encounters between two female leads overshadowing the men, as very well depicted in this movie. The face-off between Anushka and Ramya Krishnan does exactly that. Prabhas brings so much life and personification to the character that, even offscreen, you are more likely to score him a 10/10 on acting when compared to the biggies of Indian cinema!

The silent protagonist of this movie, apart from Prabhas, is Peter Hein’s action choreography. If not for anything else, this movie is worth a watch for being the best called Indian version of the Van Damme Split, although being original and almost unrelated. And of course, watch it to know the answer to the most riddled question posed at the end of part 1 – why did Kattapa kill Bahubali?



This fantasy legend is much more than a movie. It is like a time-capsule which takes you back to the era of regal dynasties fighting for power, mostly defining major happenings in the Indian subcontinents, unlike what most people argue. Bahubali also brings in the most audience awaited balance between emotional expression, be it love, greed, redemption, and war and leaves you astounded with the magnanimity of soul-stirring graphics and spine-chilling dialogues of this 30 million dollars movie. SO, long things short, go and watch this movie right away, if you haven't already done so.

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