Bahubali 2 – The Birth Of An Indian Saviour

Bahubali 2 begins when Katappa started telling why he killed Amarendra Bahubali. After the fight with Kalakeyas, Sivagami decided Amarendra Bahubali to be the future king of Maheshmati and Bhallala Deva to be the commander-in-chief. Before the coronation, Sivagami tells Bahubali to have a world tour so that he can see the problems of all the people closely.

While Bahubali went for the visit, he went to the kingdom of Kuntala where he falls in love with the princess of the kingdom Devasena but he pretended that he is a common man as others and did not show Devasena that he is the future king of Maheshmati. When Bhallala Deva learns about Devasena and Amarendra, he decided to bridge a gap between Amarendra and Sivagami. Bhallala Deva tells Sivagami that he wants to marry Devasena and Sivagami promises to him. When Sivagami sends the proposal of marriage to Devasena, she didn’t like the way and rejected the marriage proposal and from then only clashes started between Sivagami and Devasena.          

The kingdom of Kuntala was then attacked by Pindaris and at that time Amarendra with the help of Devasena and his brother won the fight and Devasena realises the truth about Amarendra to be the future king of Maheshmati and then marries Devasena and take her to meet his mother.

When he reached back to his kingdom, all the misunderstandings come clear and Sivagami asked Bahubali to decide one between the throne and Devasena and Bahubali chooses Devasena.

Because of all these clashes, Sivagami made Bhallala Deva the king and Bahubali the chief-in-commander. But still Amarendra was popular and people were screaming “Bahubali, Bahubali, Bahubali.”

Due to further clashes Devasena and Amarendra were banished from the palace and then they started living with the common people and their life happily. Bhallala Deva then started convincing Sivagami that Bahubali is trying to assassinate him. Sivagami was convinced and ordered her loyal Katappa to kill Bahubali. Katappa stabs Bahubali in the back. Katappa then learns about Bhallala Deva plans and informs to Sivagami. When Devasena learns about her husband’s death, her only aim was to save his son and kill Bhallala Deva. As Devasena was weak after giving birth to a baby, she puts her son in the hands of Sivagami and then Sivagami announces Mahendra Bahubali, the son of Amarendra Bahubali to be the future king of the Maheshmati Kingdom and then she flees with the baby.

After hearing the whole story, Mahendra Bahubali decides to take revenge of his father’s death and rescue his mother from Bhallala Deva.  Mahendra Bahubali then managed to enter the palace and then the huge fight took place between Bahubali and Bhallala Deva. Bahubali then manages to throw Bhallala Dev in the pit of woods which was collected by Devasena and he was burnt alive according to their old tradition. Mahendra then was the new king of the Mahishmati Kingdom and people celebrated as good wins over evil.

Critics Opinion

Critics asking how such movies can be made in the 21st century as there are no pooping of children, no suffering of poor and weaker sections, there was only a man avenging his father’s death. 
• The strength of Bahubali hands by making Devasana walking on his arms

Why Should You Watch This Movie

I liked the movie because of the various techniques used by Bahubali for fighting i.e. the bull technique, the cloth technique etc.
• The start of the movie with the introduction of the first part with the song and the amazing scenes.
• The VFX scenes of the movie were amazing.
• The settings of the movie were beautiful.
• I loved the role of Bahubali as he was concerned with the people of his kingdom to be happy and in the protection of respect for women.
• The role of Devasena was also adorable as she was an independent, self-respect, fighting women.

Controversies surrounding the film

The relationship between Prabhas and Anushka in real life

According to news and people, everyone is talking about the relationship between Prabhas and Anushka. Everyone is talking as they are in a relationship after the movie and the close kiss scene perform by them.

Rejection of roles by various Bollywood actors

Sonam Kapoor rejected the role which Tamanna Bhatia performed, Sri Devi rejected the role of Sivagami, Hrithik Roshan rejected the role of Bahubali and various other Bollywood actors rejected the role in such a marvellous movie.

The Bahubali Effect

Bahubali cannot be compared with any other film only in the terms of collections or the scale on which it has been built. Bahubali is one of the amazing films which cannot be compared with another movie in terms of editing, settings, story of even VFX. This movie has paved the way for Indian movies to go global and capture international audiences.