Apple or Samsung? Who would Dominate the Future?

Apple or Samsung, Who would Dominate the Future? That's probably the most debated and argued question in the tech world right now. Its obviously no surprise that Apple and  Samsung are the top leaders in the world of technology till date and no other company could match up to their standards. There is a lot few that we actually know about them as they are huge multifunctional in various sectors and have their roots deep within almost every possible sector that you could think of may it be entertainment, technology, gadgets or household requirements itself.There have been a ton of clashes among the companies which include high profile lawsuit actions too.

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Apple or Samsung, who is it gonna be in the future?

The whole target market has been divided among the people who love apple products and the one whole love the Samsung products, hardly leaving any possible growth area for new companies to rise up, even though many companies are definitely finding a path by standing out from the crowd but are definitely not up to that level. Be it Apple or Samsung, both have taken the world by surprise with their high-end technological achievements and their implementations.

Innovation at Apple



Apple or Samsung

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We are definitely familiar with the company Apple and its products, they are one of the most dominating companies in the whole technology sector, majorly in terms of gadgets, with their latest release of the iPhone X it was sure that they had left no stones unturned in its development and definitely made sure that the impossible could be possible. A while ago we could only dream of a cell phone having just its screen all along but it has become a reality now.

The innovation at Apple doesn't ever take a slow pace, some years back when people were tired of pattern locks and digital combinations they were the ones to introduce fingerprint locking/unlocking system within their iPhone 5s and was carried on in the further models. Within no time the idea was copied by various tech companies and was implemented in their cellphones too but its no doubt that Apple came up with the idea and had better results than anyone else. 

In the present iPhone X they have extended their boundaries and answered the question "Why should the user even place a finger to unlock their phone ?". Their latest technology of face recognition had slammed that question to bits as with the help of this technology the user can just unlock their phone by just facing it once they complete the setup first. It has turned out to be an amazing achievement in terms of rapid and fast developing technology.

For the coming years, people already have high hopes from the company to make another mark in the world with their future changing technology and much more is also expected from them. Apple or Samsung, no matter who it is but with time they definitely will be facing some tough competition if not now.


Samsung Steps Up Its Game

Apple or Samsung


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Samsung is yet another renowned name with their roots in almost every possible commercial and technological lane. Samsung isn't anywhere back in terms of innovations as compared to apple. Many people find their gadgets as a value for their money and not way too overpriced as compared to other companies product. Samsung produces almost everything, ranging from your Air conditioners to refrigerator and many other things too.

But the technological and gadget front is definitely more focused on as compared to other sectors, as a major part of their revenue is generated from it.  Samsung took the world by surprise by being the first one to introduce an all screen phone in their Galaxy Series in the Galaxy Note 8 and they definitely face-palmed the rumors of them copying the technology of Apple by being the first one to introduce the Iris scanner, which used as the technology to unlock the smartphone by just scanning the eyes of the user once the user sets up his retinal print in the smartphone. Their Iris scanner definitely overcame the popularity of the fingerprint scanner which was Introduced by Apple and hence affected their sales market.

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The Question Still Remains Unanswered?

Apple or Samsung who is it gonna be? The competition is tough, every year both of the companies come up with some amazing technologies and take the world by a storm leaving the whole world amazed by their technology. We could hardly say that who would dominate the forthcoming future but the thing for sure is that they would put up a tough competition against each other to be number one.