Anil Kumble’s Resignation: All You Need To Know

The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy Final on 18th June 2017 was a match everyone was looking forward to more than anything. After all, it was between India and Pakistan.  The two cricketing legends whose history go beyond cricket need no introduction. Everyone stayed glued to the TV screen, praying for their favourite team to win. Unfortunately, for us Indians, it wasn’t our day. Pakistan won by a humongous 180 runs. So, of course, the Indian press along with everyone else went crazy about this. But suddenly after exactly two days, everyone’s attention shifted from this embarrassing defeat to something else. It was the Anil Kumble's resignation from the post of Head Coach of Indian Cricket Team. 

Anil Kumble's resignation

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Team India had a reasonably good run under coach  Anil Kumble. They won five Test series against  West Indies, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Australia, and England. And also went on to register two ODI series wins against New Zealand and England. The numbers seem good, isn’t it? Then all of a sudden why did he felt the need to step down even before the completion of his contract. Well, it all became clear when Kumble tweeted why he took the decision.

Anil Kumble's resignation

This tweet sheds a bright light on Anil Kumble's resignation (Image Source)

 Apparently, the captain, Virat Kohli, was not on good terms with the coach, Kumble. The rift was re-confirmed when Kohli deleted his tweet that he send out a year ago for welcoming Anil Kumble as head coach.  Reports started emerging that there was tension in the dressing room because of the two. As is clear from former coach’s tweet, Kohli had some “ reservations” with his technique of coaching. It was also rumoured that Kohli felt more comfortable discussing strategies with the assistant coach, Sanjay Bangar.  It undoubtedly undermined Kumble’s importance and authority. Moreover, it was argued that Kumble was so systematic in his approach that it suppressed the spontaneity of players. Many like Sourav Ganguly felt that the tension between the two could have been handled better. Nevertheless, for a fact, we all know that Anil Kumble has been an exceptional sportsman all his career and Virat Kohli is no less. But yes the role boundaries between a coach and a captain should be respected. We don’t know whether the cold war between these two could have been resolved through deliberation. But what we do know is that it will go down as one of the biggest rifts in the Indian cricketing history. 

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