An Ideal Day in India

One virus of bat’s origin has brought more than one lesson. Humans are caged, the way we have been caging birds and animals. The more developed USA and Italy are, the more they are affected.

In India, cases of corona-virus are increasing everyday at the exponential rate. The businesses of big and small industrialists/entrepreneurs are seeing great losses. Bollywood celebrities have no other choice than to stay home, send their maids on leave and manage their household-chores on their own.

So it’s time to stop cursing the Chinese for their strange food-habits and start utilizing these lockdown days for self-evolution for the days to come after successfully combating pandemic.

Dear all, it’s time to analyze what purpose our individual lives have and how drastically we have diverted our purpose to harm nature, to one-another and to other lives on planet-earth.


Towards Materialistic Development.

Yes, development is necessary! Had not early man welcomed the discovery of fire, humans still would have been eating raw meat with a number of more viruses than SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus from animal origin.

Had not science laboratories developed diagnostic methods and medicines, the chicken-pox still would have been “Goddess’s rage”, a superstition claiming lives of many.

The development of efficient science laboratories is itself a great example of human development.

However, our business magazines and world-leaders have been defining development in a hyped way. Reading the business articles and listening to the speeches of tycoons, it feels nowhere that development has anything to do with the sustenance of life , but to promote mere materialism and enhancing ruthless competition.

In the individual context, citizens of India of the 21st century see development as ownership of multiple flats in different cities across the country, having lavish lifestyles with branded clothes, and imported private vehicles.


Religious Conflicts

In India, no matters how patriotic, how broad-visioned, or how educated a person is, he/she is sure to face repercussions of religious conflicts in their day-to-day life.

When religions would have been envisioned, the purpose would have been to group a community of people with similar spiritual belief and somewhat similar lifestyle into one. This grouping would have spread to larger communities and got titled as a religion.

Amazingly, in India of the 21st century, religion has been taken far away from spirituality.

If it was spirituality, it would have simply connected Hindus to their supernatural-power, Muslims to their God-figure; Christians would have got connected soulfully to their own God-figure and likewise.

If it was spirituality, there would have been a sense of devotion towards our respective Gods. It would never have resulted in riots among themselves. Never would spirituality have resulted in harming humanity itself.



Emotional Fools

In developing India which is also modernizing and globalizing, the emotions or sensitivity is at stake. The learned people and frontiers have started believing that rationality is all which is to be followed.

And when frontiers are believing, this thought is being propagated down the line to reach to  aspirants that displaying emotions or considering the sensitive side of a given circumstance is nothing but being fool. 

Fig.4 Courtesy: Pranjal Vijay from Your

Recently, there was a flood of memes taking over social media platforms regarding “taali-thaali bjaao” and “diya jlaao” appeal from Mr. Prime Minister of India.

The criticizers were common people creating funny notes and giving harsh comments on the rationality of these gestures. Everyone was questioning the scientific relevance of slapping plates or clapping and lighting diyas in times of pandemic. However, hardly the people were realizing the need for motivation to those working day and night even in times of complete lockdown in favor of humanity. The critics were too rational to consider that in hard times a country needs to stand behind its head supporting him/her in whatever means they can.

An Ideal Day

Problems are many, life is one, hours are twenty-four a day. Nothing in the universe is completely true and nothing is completely wrong too. So here it is being answered how a person in India should plan his/her day and channelize their actions to get a contented death at the end of individual life.


The keynote for everyday is realization of the certainty of death once you open your eyes in the morning to rise up.

Second thought of the morning should be the pledge to avoid most materialism throughout the day and stick firmly to simplicity of life every single minute.

When development is necessary, simply one should be cautious in being materialistic. Even if you own a fortune, you should consider that India is seventh in world area-wise, but at the same time it has the second highest population of the world. One single shelter is all you need in your lifetime and so does every individual residing in India. Also buildings/bridges take away those lands which could be utilized for cultivation of fruits and crops/vegetables essential for sustenance of life. So be thoughtful to own one single apartment and hold back from owning multiple residences across the country even if you are too wealthy.

Well, when your belly is full, you are well dressed, the most essential thing needed to every individual’s life at every single second of the day is the proper amount of oxygen to breath in. However, if one is not from a science background, he/she will hardly think of composition of air in their rooms or immediate surrounding and the concentration of oxygen going inside their nostrils along with many harmful gases in that air.

If one thinks on this, the next realization could be that if every individual owns a private vehicle just to reach their workplace in less time or to have a vehicle ready for their personal use all the time, then the emission of these harmful gases could pose a threat to everyone’s life.

The best way out of this could be to display a broader vision and refrain from owning bigger private vehicles just for individual’s use and using it frequently in a day.

When religious talks are unavoidable, one has to be cautious that it should not overpower the spiritual sense. If a person from another religion argues that our God is supreme, one has to maintain his/her cool and understand that person next to him/her lacks spiritual insight. One must keep religion separated from spirituality, worship the God-figure of their choice but believe that God is one. This would help in avoiding religious conflicts and hence will discourage riots happening across India at various times.

Well being an individual of the 21st century one has to ultimately deal with the most practical people in their surrounding very often. So in circumstances when you are tagged an emotional fool, you have to bravely accept it and make sure that you don’t tag the same to any emotional/sensitive being because the ideal thing for human civilization is a good balance between rationality and emotions. Mere rationality will lead to humans being uncontrolled and ruthless.

An ideal day, then another, and then other such days make one life. Moreover, ideality could be hard to maintain if one looks upon life superficially. So there is the need to introspect and control each of our thoughts regarding the world outside.

To sum up, never forget that you’ve to leave the world one day. Make efforts to survive well with your necessities but refrain from accumulating more than you need. Secondly, whatever you do, make sure that others don’t have to suffer because of your actions in any way. Lastly, be spiritual, be loyal to the people in your vicinity, keep balance between emotions and practicality, and focus on life’s simplicity.

Happy Living!