Amazing Vegan-Friendly Places Around The World

Are you one of those who took a vow of being a Vegan forever? If yes, you must read this. You must have gone with the difficulties of finding vegan cuisines in another country. For vegan travelers, delicious food opportunities are slightly less. However, nowadays there is an array of options available for vegans around the world. All you just need is to find the right place where you can binge on eating without having to worry. 

Make the most out of your trip by visiting these vegan-friendly places around the globe.

New York, USA

With the diversity of food cuisines, New York is considered to be the International food capital of the world. And, New York’s vegan scene continues to flourish, boasting 111 vegan restaurants in a five-mile radius of the city.

Berlin, Germany

Although the number of vegan restaurants in Berlin seems to have stabilized more recently, vegans in Berlin continues to grow and thrive. Moreover, Berlin upholds its reputation as an international vegan destination. The number of vegan restaurants within a five-mile radius around Berlin has grown to an astounding 62, and an additional 397 vegetarian.

Warsaw, Poland

The number of vegan options continues to grow in 2019, with 50 vegan restaurants now in a five-mile radius, and with most of those within just a one-mile radius. The density of vegan restaurants in Warsaw makes it incredibly convenient to walk from restaurant to restaurant.


Veganism and plant-based eating are an integral part of Portland’s social fabric. The city’s landscape is dotted with a wide variety of fabulous vegan eats, including 20 types of vegan artisanal cheese produced at Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli. Portland is a very hipster and eco-friendly city, and within a five-mile radius, there are 46 fully-vegan restaurants, 26 vegetarian restaurants, and 185 veg-friendly restaurants.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is one of the most vegan cities in Asia with almost 10% of the population not eating meat. As a result, it is home to around 6,000 veggie establishments, with restaurants here serving up a mix of traditional Taiwanese and more western-influenced cuisine.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has the highest percentage of vegans globally, with an estimated 5 to 8 percent of the entire population being vegan. Most of the 36 fully-vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv serve a combination of Israeli, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine with some western influence.


Being vegan in Bangkok is a breeze. Tropical fruit stands and fresh markets are plentiful in this city. And due to the great majority of Buddhists people, most restaurants have solid vegan options on their menu. Also, due to the rapid increase in the number of vegan restaurants and options in this city, Bangkok has become an incredible city for vegans.

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