Amazing Independence Day Facts That You Probably Don’t Know

For 200 years India was tormented by Britishers. After million sacrifices and immense courage of civilians as well as of freedom fighters we had been finally led to the day of our independence from the foreign rule on the midnight of 15 August 1947. This day holds the mark of greatness of Indian history, yet we forget the importance and the struggle of all the sacrificed souls.

independence day facts

So let us enlighten you with some amazing facts about our Independence Day that showcases the valor of our brave freedom fighters.

Amazing Independence Day facts that you probably don't know about:-

1. It was 1757 when the rule of East India Company started in India which was completely controlled by 1858. It was the situation after World War I that marked the beginning of our struggle for independence when the British law became exploitative.


independence day facts

2. Then came 1947, when British Government announced their intention to transfer their rule to Indians due to exhaustion in their capital. They intended to do it in June 1948 but Hindu-Muslim violence in Punjab and Bengal led Viceroy Louis Mountbatten to decide the date of 15 August 1947 on a whim.

independence day facts

3. He chose that day because that very same day Japan surrendered in the second World War and it held a personal appeal for him as he was the Supreme Allied Commander of Southeast Asia and accepted the Japanese surrender himself.

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First time Flag hoisted

4. The first time our Flag hoisted was not on 15 August 1947 Red Fort of Delhi. It was actually 7 August 1906 at the Parse Bagan Square (Green Park) in Calcutta. Though the flag hoisted was not our Tricolour flag but with the strips of red, yellow and green. The red stripe at the top had eight white lotuses embossed on it a row. The green stripe had a white sun on the left and a white crescent and star on the right.

independence day facts

5. Then the Tricolour was designed by Pingali Venkayya at Bezwada in 1921. He designed it in two colors red and green representing the two major communities. Gandhi suggested the addition of a white strip representing the remaining communities of India and the spinning wheel to symbolize progress of the nation which is now replaced by the Ashoka Chakra and the red stripe has been replaced by a saffron one.

independence day facts

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No National Anthem

6. When India became independent on 15 August 1947 there was no National Anthem even though the Bengali invocation of JANA GANA MANA was written in 1911 but it was not considered as national anthem till 1950.

7. The ‘Vande Mataram', war cry penned down by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay in the novel Anandmath was debuted earlier (specifically in 1896 session of Indian National Congress)than JANA GANA MANA (27 December 1911) that is 15 years earlier to be exact.

8. The ‘Vande Mataram’, war cry was more synonymous with India's fight for independence than JANA GANA MANA but it was chosen as the National anthem because Nehru thought it was easier for the band to play.

independence day facts

9. We share our Independence Day with South Korea who was freed from Japan in 1945, Bahrain freed from the UK in 1971 and Republic of the Congo freed from France in 1960.

10. At the time of Independence Goa was not our part, Portugal claimed it as their state. Then on 19 December 1961, Indian armed forces conquered it and made it Indian state.

11. At that time, Gold was Rs 88.62 per 10 grams and Re 1 was equal to $1.

12. The only maker of our Indian flag is The Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha in Dharwad. The tricolor is only made with a special hand spun cotton and silk material, we call it ’Khadi’. If made with other material, it is considered punishable offense with maximum imprisonment of 3 years.

13. The man who drew the boundary between India and Pakistan was Cyril John Radcliffe. He was the British Lawyer and the Law Lord and he didn’t have complete information about the Indian Geography and the demography of the region yet he divided the boundary.

independence day facts

That day India rediscovered itself. And today here are we, celebrating 70th Independence Day. Indeed we have come a long way…