Advantages of gaming

Everyone talks about how addiction to gaming is bad for health. But allow us to tell you some advantages of gaming. Given below are the facts. These facts elaborate on how gaming improves brain’s performance. Just as exercise keeps your body fit, playing cognitive game helps your mind to focus accurately. Constant stimulation to games enhances your mental ability. Given below are the cognitive benefits of playing video games.

1. Improves your memory

When you invest time in gaming and play games which have instructions to follow. Your mind becomes more alert. It stimulates your mind to read, visualize and find ways. Some games also require the user to remember the codes which is required to them to pass the level. Brain automatically starts using the keys and starts storing the keys in the key board. This stimulation process enhances your long term and short memory.

  1. Fast working minds

Studies have shown that people who are into gaming have faster and sharper minds. It is because gaming requires continuous mind stimulation. Fast games like Pubg, Counter strike needs instant reflex. These reflex actions help your mind to work faster. This will help in your daily life task.


3 .Improves social skill

Gaming is the platform for the most of the people. Online gaming is the new trend, where players compete against each other. While gaming, they interact and coordinate with teams. That helps them to develop their social skills.


Many gamers have turned into professional gamers. Eliminating the gaming myth professional streamers has converted their leisure into profession. Youtube is the biggest source for the gamer these days. They stream trending games like PUBG. There are also many professional competitions organised to provide the platform to the gamers.

5.Improves concentration

Gaming is all about having fun. But what you don’t know is it requires a level of concentration. The levels you see are the levels of stimulation actually. The more levels you pass, the more concentration is needed.

Noting the fact, “Excess of everything is bad.” Parents today tell their children not to indulge in video games. Gaming doesn’t destroy your eyesight or makes your mind evil. Like I said, excess of everything is bad. Good amount of gaming will make your mind healthy.

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Happy gaming!