About Us

Viralkhichdi: As the name suggest it’s a khichdi of everything happening around you. Whatever is trending and viral, we bring all the gup-shup to you in its original form, whether it’s related to science, politics, society, entertainment, style, fashion, travelling, living, love and relationship, or anything else you can think of. It’s a Show-Stopper for all your requirements.

From all the Filmy Gup-Shup to all the Political Mudde, From your Love life to Your Health and Fitness, From your kitchen to the world’s best cuisines, from travelling and exploring the world to that Inner Peace and satisfaction thing from your Good Morning Bed-Tea to your Good Night Coffee, we are here, to serve you all.

Mission: Our focus is on providing a platform to our customers, where they can get everything they could need, without any exception. We a team of highly enthusiastic, skilled, experienced and young minds are focusing our talent at your service.

Vision: In today’s time, when people do have everything, except Time, we are investing ours to save yours. Instead of searching for different things at different places you can simply rely on one, with the full belief that if there is a new dish being cooked in the market that will definitely be served to you, no matter of its type. If it’s important to you, it’s precious for us.