A Complete Travel Guide To Northeast India

Surrounded with the finest of dense forests, ancient monasteries, snow-capped mountains, pristine valleys, glistening lakes, and cascading waterfalls, the throughout of North East India feels like true magic. North East India is uncharted heaven with uncountable delights. Popularly known as the ‘Seven Sisters’, the North Eastern partitions of India are a true and marvelous treasure chest of Amazing culture, heritage, history, traditions, natural beauty, adventures, and soulful experiences. Thus, a Northeast India tour offers an experience that one can cherish for al lifetime. However before seven, now the eight states of North East, comprising of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, and Meghalaya.

Best Time To Visit Northeast India

The Weather conditions to travel Northeast India are found best from November to April, even though the high-elevation regions of Arunachal, Meghalaya and Nagaland are mostly cold by December, and winter fog can damage road journeys. Due to ponderous monsoon rains at other times, travelling becomes very hard and possibly hazardous due to the possibility of landslides. Also, these months trace the winter season in the higher parts of the Himalayas, so, it will be comparatively cold there.

Food And Drinks Of Northeast India

Meat-based dishes, smoked, dried and pungent taste, the general use of chilli and the obvious lack of typical Indian masala defines cuisine in the Northeast. The food is mostly light, owing to the lack of spices that grow in the region, aside from some regional herbs. Rice is a main and the Tibetan momos and thukpa are omnipresent. For drinks, salty yak-butter tea and regional brews which are made of millet, maize or rice are suggested to keep off the chill.

5 Best Places To Visit Northeast India


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Situated on the foothills of Himalayas, Darjeeling is the charming, little, yet one of the prominent hill stations in India. It is Home to scenic tea estates, Himalayan Darjeeling Railway, serene monasteries and Mount Kanchenjunga in the backdrop. If you are one those nature lover who loves a quaint vibe during a holiday, then is for sure the place to be!


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Widely known as the brother state in the North-East states, all the travellers find it really very easy to fall in love with the great hilly kingdom of Sikkim. Of course, the small state is must be a part of your journey, no matter how many days you’ve to surplus. Go for camping at Goecha La, inspect the Valley of Flowers in Yumthang or simply unwind yourself. There are a number of places to visit in Sikkim like the famous Tsomgo and Pemayangste Monastery will urge you to visit here often.


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Abundant in flora and fauna alike, Assam is one of the most well known North East states that is all about positive feelings and good feels. Also well known for its vast tea plantations, and archaeological sites, Assam is also the home to one of the prominent UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kaziranga National Park which is one of the greatest places to visit when travelling to North East.


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Embellished with natural wonders, Manipur dazzles with a number of wonderful experiences. Truly a little gem in the heart of Northeast India, the places gives you a number of reasons to inspect it till your heart’s content. Right from native games, majestic hills, rich culture to martial arts, you can find them all here. Nowhere else you can adore the experience to shop in a market run wholly and only by women.


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Though small yet breathtakingly attractive! Tripura ranks amongst the outlandish places in Northeast India. Dotted with alluring palaces and noticeable temples, the state never fails to please travellers. Learn the skill of handloom weaving, as the aboriginals show extraordinary skills in it. The beauty of Ujjayanta Palace will surely take you by surprise.