A bit of Asia , A bit of Europe: Turkey

A place permeated with History, Ancient ruins, Heavenly food, Mountains, Caves and whatnot, Turkey is any traveler’s paradise. Sharing its area with “Western Asia”( Anatolian peninsula) and “South-Eastern Europe”(Balkan peninsula), Turkey is a unique specimen of a country. Being a trade bridge for a number of years, turkey is rich in a diverse culture. You can find the reflections of various invasions by different conquerors in the other-worldly cuisine, ancient ruins, and religious monuments. 

Turkey's flag map

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“Istanbul” is usually the first place that comes to mind whenever someone thinks of Turkey but there are other spell-bounding places here as well. Whether you want to take a stroll down the cobbled streets of Istanbul or go on a Hot Air Balloon ride in “Cappadocia” or soak up the sun on a beach somewhere, it has you covered. Here are some of the places to visit on your next trip to Turkey.


Hagia Sophia, Istanbul , Turkey

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The largest city in Turkey and one of the largest cities in the world, Istanbul connects “Asia” and “Europe”. Once the capital of “Ottoman and Byzantine” Empires, Istanbul boasts the famous “Hagia Sophia” museum, “The Blue Mosque“(Sultan Ahmed Mosque) and “Topkapi Palace” museum. It also has a splendid selection of fine culinary experiences, exotic nightlife, different shopping districts like the “Grand Bazar” which is an attraction itself. No Turkey experience is completed without getting the taste of this divine city.


Anıtkabir, Ankara, Turkey

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The capital city of Turkey, Ankara is a modern cosmopolitan in the Anatolia region in the center of the country. Ankara is the cultural, arts, transportation, and business hub. It has all the important government buildings, universities, and museums including the  Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. The city also has “Anitkabir”, the mausoleum of “Kemal Atatürk”, modern Turkey’s first president.


Cappadocia, Turkey

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A city situated in central Turkey, Cappadocia is famous for its “Fairy Chimneys”(cone-shaped rock formations). This majestic site is the result of nature’s magic in the area. Over the course of thousands of years, mankind has carved out Bronze Age homes, churches and a series of tunnels complexes. The Hittites carved the tunnels here and are refuged by the Christians afterward. Some of these tunnels and caves are now hotels and tourist spots. You can contemplate the natural beauty of this place from a “Hot air Baloon” ride which is the highlight of this place.


Ephesus, Turkey

If you are an archeology student or a history buff then Ephesus should be on the top of your places list to visit in Turkey. It is located in the Central Aegean region. Ephesus was one of the largest roman empire cities.  You can see the Roman and Greek cultural influences in its ruins. Recently made the “UNESCO world heritage sites” list, Ephesus has one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, “Temple of Artemis”. Other notable monuments include the”Celsus Library”, “Basilica of St. John” and “Chruch of Mary”.


Antalya Beach

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A large city in the southwestern part of the country, Antalya is the fifth populous city in Turkey. The city is considered as the “Gateway” to the “Mediterranean coastal region, known as the “Turkish Rivera” which is famous for its Blue waters. Ancient Roman and Greek ruins are present here as this was the harbor for the Roman trade. Today, the city offers Luxury resorts, bars, restaurants and beaches namely “Konyaaltı Beach” and “Lara Beach”. If you’re planning a trip to turkey than don’t forget to get your feet sandy in  Antalya beaches.



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Bodrum is a Southwestern city in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Like Antalya, the city offers mesmerizing resorts, sandy beaches, Nightclubs, and Ancient Roman and Greek architectural ruins. Speaking of ruins, Bodrum was once home to one of the Seven Ancient Wonders, “Mausoleum at Halicarnassus” also called the “Tomb of Mausolus”. Among other attractions., Bodrum also boasts the presence of “Bodrum Castle” and “Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archaeology”.

There are other amazing destinations to visit in Turkey apart from the mentioned ones. If you’re planning on traveling to Turkey than these places should be the ones to cross off the list first.