Largest Residence In India: Well there is not only one!

House is one among the three basic needs of a human being. While for many of us it is a place meant to live in comfort and solace, for few people it is the means of providing luxury and pleasures too. And the people who fall under the latter category would spend even billions on their residences to make them lavish and magnificent. Indian people are not any exception when it comes to fancying huge mansions or villas. We present you here eight such largest residence in India that will blow away your minds:

1. Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia:

Antilia is the first largest residence in India. Owned by the CEO of the popular Reliance Industries, Mr.Mukesh Ambani, has a total of 27 floors and covers an area of 400,000 square feet. Out of the 27 floors, six are reserved for parking alone and three are for helicopter pads. Antilia, located in South Mumbai has been named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean. Antilia values around Rs. 10,000 crores.

Largest residence in India
Image Credits:Business Today

2. Abode owned by Anil Ambani:

Just like in business, the Ambani brothers seem to compete with each other even in the race of having large residences. Abode which is said to value more than Rs. 5000 crores is located in Bandra Pali Hill, Mumbai.

Largest residence in India

3. Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Mannat’:

Bollywood Ka Baadshah makes his entry in this list with third largest residence in India. Valued at Rs. 125-150 crores, Mannat is located in Bandra, Mumbai. It is indeed one of the beautiful places to live in.

Largest residence in India
Image Credits:FilmiBeat

4. ‘Cabin’ owned by Ratan Tata:

Fourth position in the list is again occupied by an industrialist known for his humbleness, Mr.Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata’s residence covers an area of around 15,000 square feet and is one of the richest looking residences in India. This mansion is located in Colaba, Mumbai and is valued at Rs. 125-150 crores.

Largest residence in India
Image Credits:Daily Mail

5. Gautam Singhania’s JK House:

Located in Breach Kandy Mumbai, JK House owned by Gautam Singhania is the fifth largest residence. With 30 floors in the building, there are separate floors allotted for parking, health centre, museum and an apartment for each of his family members with all amenities arranged.

Largest residence in India
Image Credits:Bornrich

6. White House in the Sky owned by Vijay Mallya:

Vijay Mallya’s ‘White House in the Sky’ is located in UB City Bangalore and costs around Rs. 100 crores or even more. UB City itself is a township owned by Mallya’s UB Group, which he is the Chairman of. The name of his residence itself tells us how lavish his mansion would be.

Largest residence in India

7. Residence of Navin Jindal:

Naveen Jindal, the Chairman of Jindal Steel and Power Limited owns the seventh largest residences in India. It is located in the area Leafy Lutyens, Delhi which also has residences of other reputed industrialists like Sunil Mittal and Naveen Jindal.

Largest residence in India
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8. Rana Kapoor Residence:

Rana Kapoor who is the CEO of Yes Bank owns a plush house in Tony Altamount Road, Mumbai which occupies the eighth position among largest buildings in India. Originally owned by Citi Group, this building was later acquired by Rana Kapoor.

Largest residence in India
Image Credits:ILoveIndia Buzz