8 Interesting Places in Chennai that never make it to the list

Chennai also widely called ‘Madras‘ or ‘Namma Chennai’ is a Mysterious place that has more places to visit than we might just be already knowing! 

Here are 8 amazing yet exciting places to never miss on your next trip to ‘Singara Chennai’ (for people with various interests, of course!)

Sizzling Skewers and Mouthwatering Delicacies of Chennai

  • OMR Food Street

 Feast not just to the tongue but also the eyes of a foodie. OMR Food Street is a collection of food stalls filled with munchies, fun, and excitement that treat the foodies taste buds exuberantly. From non-veg to veg, from different cuisines to different styles, serves everything from appetizer to dessert all by itself. The growth of this place is tremendous from a single shop to a cluster and now a whole street. Even though, it’s mostly to do with food, it’s also about the entertainment and joy this place has to offer, being the largest food street in the world.

  • Kaidi Kitchen

The menu card might seem just like any other ordinary restaurant but the ambiance and atmosphere ain’t the same, The Kaidi Kitchen is a prison-themed with the background and utensils matching the theme. Overall, a fun place to visit with family and friends for nice photos and meals.

  • Sundari Akka Kadai

Being a very lowkey yet food for the money kind of shop, she (Sundari Akka) has been serving quality food all through. Sundari Akka has her share of fan clubs from all over Tamilnadu. She offers a variety of Fish meals starting from 100 rupees. The place is well maintained but can get a little untidy on busy days. The food is cooked with clean ingredients and brewed with love. This place has been the attraction of foodies and interviewers from all around. The location of the shop is also a key factor to its prosperity, being placed right next to the sea, the smell, breeze, and feel just adds to the food.

Suburban shopping and exciting E-world of Chennai

  • T-Nagar

Are you looking for domestic supplies, gift items, textiles, home décor and whatnot, the best place to find all these at the cheapest possible is the T-Nagar. Entering the area, you wouldn’t return with free hands, there’s always something or the other that has got your eyes on it. The goods sold here are of decent quality and the variety they have to offer is just so mind-blowing. There are also the jewelry shops that are branches of prominent jewelers from all around.

Around T Nagar lighting Decorated Shopping Malls
  • Phoenix Mall:

The Phoenix mall and the Palladium came hand in hand, they have always made sure to keep their standards to the mark. Many world-class brands have outlets in this mall. They offer a world-class shopping experience. They also have entertainment for children and have a big sized food court featuring world-class restaurants and fast-food chains. Altogether, the Phoenix mall has everything to satisfy the needs of everybody in the family. Phoenix mall also organizes activities, workshops, lucky draws and many more to engage their valued customers.

  • Ritchie Street:

The mini Huaqiangbei of South India, Ritchie has street got it all. Everything from computer peripherals to science experiments for school. The initial days of this place date back to the early ’70s when a few shopkeepers came together forming what is now widespread over 3 whole streets and have ranked the 2nd largest electronics market in India. The business transactions in this place are widespread including wholesale dealers from China, Korea, and all around the globe. The young and skillful minds of this place have a variety of services to offer from web development to repair and service to parts resale. The street has also its domain where buyers can easily go through the whole site map, shops, and services offered to enable a preplanned and pleasant experience preventing any confusion.

Places to Sooth your mind and attain peace of mind in Chennai

  • Elliots Beach:

Elliot’s beach is the endpoint of the marina beach and features the Karl Schmidt memorial and is named after Edward Elliot who is the one-time superintendent and magistrate of the Chennai presidency. The beach hosts a lot of fitness activists who rise early and start their day with an early jog on the shore. The Chennai police have made necessary measures such as the ATV’s (All-terrain vehicles) to manage and accommodate all crowd preventing any chaos. Many volunteering groups organize events to maintain the cleanliness and the good ambiance of the shire to ensure a pleasant experience.

  • Valluvar Kottam:

Want life lessons? The perfect place to go in Chennai would be Valluvar Kottam, here you could find the works of the Tamil saint-poet Thiruvalluvar inscribed into the walls, this place also has an auditorium which can accommodate around 3500 people where different cultural and literary events take place, there is also a chariot which holds the statue of real-sized Thiruvalluvar and the exterior of the chariot is engraved with Kalamkari drawings.

Book your next trip to this amazing place to make everlasting memories.

Have a fun yet enlightening trip to ‘Namma Chennai’ with your near and dear ones as Chennai has something to offer for everyone!

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