7 things 2017 taught us not to do

7 things 2017 taught us not to do

Years do come and pass by but they leave us with memories which are hard to forget. Memories are crucial when it comes to decision making and segregating the definitive choices.
The year 2017 was not less than a roller coaster ride. Happening of events like Donald Trump becoming the president of USA, India’s demonetization, bitcoin breaking every barrier and Tesla’s new roadster. Well, there’s been so many things to learn from and improvise ourselves for the future.
Beginning up with the political side then it becomes imperative to mention India’s growing extreme politics. It was criticized by foreign media on many occasions. Many people came up as the caretakers of Hinduism and began to vandalize social integrity of various regions across the nation. The US too had too much criticism for their new president . President seeks no halt to childish tweets and egoistic decisions.
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It also has been extremely impressive business-related learning. It comprises of risk assessment and effective market building decisions.
It melts down to what 2017 taught us not to do and here are 7 things you should never miss.


1. Money is about risks

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The best example is bitcoin the block chain based cryptocurrency . People who acted fast and believed in the rise were automatically benefitted in no time . As the price per unit rocketed to 10000$ in just 3 months which is a magical unit .
Still many people stayed away from the coin but it even surpassed the mark of 10000$ and the one who remained static was the looser. 2017 taught us about believing our instinct when it comes to money . “You should never sit idle or keep thinking about making money, you should rather come up to the picture and take decisions to make your life large.”

2.Hatred is an agenda

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2017 was filled with events which marked the rise of racial conflicts such as growing white supremacists in America and extreme Hindutva politics in India. It is an attempt to cast aspersions against humanity . We should stop hating other religion, race or skin color


3. Procrastination is a demon

If you are still where you started from then it’s probably just because you are a procrastinating. Procasting is being involved in merry-making rather than indulging in productive work. Many people became successful in the year 2017. Some were totally new to the world ex- Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Upon knowing their story it came to the picture that procrastination is the only thing which stops us from being successful. So, leave your bed and kill the procrastination demon within you.

4. Slacking off 

The future depends upon the present and it is us who are the guardians of our future. Slacking off will let us through another year like 2017 with no productivity. So, it is important to put in the ‘to do’ attitude rather than ‘to be done later’. 2017 taught us not to slack off with the ideas and the dreams that could be the next pioneer in the world.

5. Don’t be afraid of an investment

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With the concrete example of bitcoin’s unprecedented success, it comes again on the list of ‘to be remembered’ from the lessons of 2017. We should probably take note of each and every new technology that is in the picture as we never know what would be the next game changer in the coming 5 years. Bitcoin’s impressive rise has broken every psychological barrier. It has set an example where we should believe in an investment with proper study and should never take the ‘future rise’ claims for granted.

6.choose the authority wisely

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We have many examples where we got to see that the leaders chosen by ourselves have become rogue and are responsible for the destruction of peace mechanism all over. The greatest examples lie in the US election where the people’s choice is now a great concern for global peace. We should take a note of this and should choose the leader with all senses awake. 2017 taught us not to choose impromptu leaders for ourselves.

7. we fall if we are alone

Social integrity and togetherness is a great deal to be considered when it comes to the stability of humanity. 2017 has been marked as the year of disturbances. Our resilient nature has been a proof that amidst of all the havoc that has been injected into the system by our species. we still are holding on to the bar of justice. It shows that together we can bring down the segmenting forces of evil and we should spread the spirit of love and peace throughout the world.
We should contribute towards it. In short 2017 taught us not to be segmented by the evildoers and take a stand against them to prove them that there’s still a lot more left in the fight.
So, with all these lessons that 2017 has taught us not to do is confounding enough to be remembered for the betterment of our soul and mind. These lessons are not only to be looked at, they are to be remembered and to be incorporated into the decisions in 2018.