7 Fake Stories Of 2017 Which We Believed Were True

2017 has been an eventful year, and fake stories have swept the internet on several occasions. “Fake news” was also named word of the year by Collins Dictionary due to its widespread use around the world.  It has affected news reportings all across the globe.  Here are some of the fake stories 2017

7 Fake Stories 2017

1. Astronaut shared lit up picture of India, but it was not from Diwali

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli had tweeted a photo of a lit up India from space on October 19 with a caption, “Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, starts today. #HappyDiwali to everyone! #VITAmission.”

A spectacular picture of ‘India during Diwali as seen from the cosmos’ had gone viral on social media. The picture is indeed beautiful but there is a slight problem — it’s a picture of India from space, but it’s not a Diwali night photo. It was shared by the astronaut Paolo Nespoli. It was been found that the photograph was shared by the astronaut on his Flickr account nearly a month before Diwali. This was one of the biggest fake stories 2017.

The photo which spread like wildfire on social media with over 5,000 retweets and around 8,000 likes, shows India and Pakistan and a big orange light, which, according to NASA, appears to be Pakistan-India international border.


fake stories 2017

Source : http://bgr.in

2. The fake Hurricane Irma video

Hendry Moya Duran shared a video on his Facebook page in September and captioned it: “Hurricane Irma”. The video went viral. However, it was later found that the clip was fake. It turned out to be footage from a year ago. Some users commented that it was a clip of a tornado hitting Uruguay in the year 2016.

fake stories 2017 Source : http://mashable.com

3. The photo of Golden Temple lit up with lanterns on Diwali

While the nation was celebrating Diwali, a fascinating picture of the Golden Temple with floating golden lanterns in the sky charmed many hearts online. Many celebrities took to Twitter to share it and it swept across social media platforms. It was later found to be photoshopped. It was definitely one of the biggest fake stories 2017.

On Diwali, actor Amitabh Bachchan shared a fascinating picture of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, lit up to celebrate the festival, illuminated with thousands of sky lanterns. The image had gone viral on Twitter and many shared it, aawestruck by the magnificence of the scene.

Navkaran Brar, who is rumoured to be the man behind the fake image, announced on Twitter to confirm that the photo was indeed photoshopped.


fake stories 2017

Source : http://funniestindian.com

4. The shark on the street during Hurricane Harvey in the United States

A fake picture of a shark on the street of Houston, Texas, was posted in August when the US was hit by Hurricane Harvey, and it went viral. Jason Michael’s photo got more than 140,000 likes and over 87,000 shares all over social media. He revealed he knew it was a fake video and did not intend to take it down.

fake stories 2017

Source : http://islandpacket.com

5. Travel blogger caught after posting fake photos on Instagram

Amelia Liana, who is a well-known beauty and travel blogger, used photoshop to edit her pictures to grab attention. The stunt backfired and she was caught.

                          fake stories 2017

Source : http://india.com


6. Fake Rs. 200 notes

A fake Rs. 200 note went viral on social media in the April month and it had all the necessary security features and watermarks. Also, it was different in colour when compared to the Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes released but it had the new design language.

fake stories 2017

Source : http://theindianexpress.com

7. South African president Jacob Zuma’s video

A video of Jacob Zuma, the South African president went viral on social media to show that he cannot pronounce the word “beginning”. It was later found out that the burst of in the beginning videos on YouTube were fake, and people started posting the original video to reveal the actual story.

                                        fake stories 2017

Source : http://youtube.com