Places To Get Your Friday Motivation On The Dance Floor

Friday motivation for all you party animals!

So you are now in the middle of the week, already tired of workload and college all you want now is your beloved 'Friday'.Only one day left between you and your much awaited Friday, but have you thought of how you are going to make the most of it? No? Well, don't stress out now, relax and let us take care of it for you because we know how much it matters to you (it matters way too much to us too).So we have carefully curated a list for your Friday scenes so that this Friday motivation will keep you moving through the remaining week.

Remember those stories your parents used to tell you about how they used to go to school back then?Through the lava, ice and thunderstorms?Well now you will have your own story of how you used to pull an all-dayer through out the week and how Viral khichdi helped you back then (you'll give us some credit right?).In this list we have tried to add some amazing places which will not make a hole in your pocket but they would definitely make your time worthwhile.

Many of the places host some fascinating lounge parties and club parties, some of them feature a special array of drinks which are only served on fridays or you can call them the 'friday specials' or "friday drinks' they are also one of their best drinks! Clubbing is fun any day of the week but the friday events are on another level when it comes down to partying and rejuvenating your positive vibes.

So now without making you wait any further we present to you one of the best hangout places for your friday scenes.Be it the ambience, the dance floor, decor, drinks, food or any other aspect, these places live up to their hype according to us.The list is not in a ranking order because we all know that perceptions differ. (we do know this right?)

Cafe MRP (friday motivation begins now)

The place is always trending because of the variety of drinks they offer throughout the day! Amazing right? Even more amazing is the fact that even their usual rates are as low as your grades (sorry.) the price of beer starts up from as low as Rs50 no matter which day you come to pay a visit.Full bar is available so come down and give a kickstart to your friday event without losing all your money in just one outing.(because that sucks.)

friday motivation

Where: 1st floor, c-39 CP New Delhi

USP: Quality beer at cheap rates

Ministry of Beer

True to it's name this is the ministry of beer, perfect for your lounge party or clubbing.The place welcomes you with artistic interiors, nice music and various seating options as per your mood.This particular place created quite a hype when they organised a three day event which featured unlimited beer in just Rs100 on the occasion of turning 100 days old! The indoor seating will immerse you in the beautifully planned decor while the outdoor seating will provide you with the most vivid experiance.This would be one of the best places from where you can start your friday night out! The dance floor is also a nice place to be when you are here ( the club is'nt the best place to find love so the dancing floor is where i go).So without further ado head out straight to this ministry of good times!

friday motivation

Where: M-44 outer circle CP New Delhi

USP: Outdoor Seating

TabulaBeach Cafe

This place is a gem.That said, if you are going to give it a miss then i'm afraid you should just turn the screen off and stop reading this because clearly you don't like good things, now do you? (gets offended and cries in a corner).This is a beach inspired bar and not just inspired but it is a kind of a mini beach having real sand in it's yard! Yes you heard that right and the benefits just don't end here, it is 'Pet Friendly' too (hi doggy hello doggy everywhere). The ambience down here is lit because of the amazing concept, this is ladies and gentlemen your ultimate 'friday Club'.Other than the fridays they throw amazing parties for the ladies in the house and make it a ladies day out or ladies night out (we all want to be out all of the time actually).

friday motivation

Where: Khel gaon marg New Delhi

USP: Beachy ambience, beachwear parties

Lady Baga 

Since we are talking about beaches, we can not leave behind the adorable Lady Baga.Check in to Lady Baga this friday, it will definately remind you of Goa (only if you've been to goa otherwise..just keep planning) it gives a Goan shack like feeling with artificial sand on the floor.The music also gives the Goan vibe and their seafood menu can be rated as one of the best in the city.They are also giving out the famous Goan beer King's at just Rs99 !Definitely pay a visit to this one and start planning out from now only as you are getting your friday motivation from us!

friday motivationfriday motivation

Where: P-3/90 CP New Delhi

USP: Goan theme and sea food                                                                           


This has to be on the list otherwise the list won't be considered complete.It has one of the most beautiful decors in the city and gives that chic vibe which will undoubtedly make your friday a star studded friday.Outrageous pub events keep taking place in here and lavish buffets are also one of the things people drool over.This place is home to the 'positive vibes' and the hub to the ultimate friday scenes.The combination of live music and outdoor seating can never fail to impress (ERROR 404: FLAWS NOT FOUND).Check out its photos and your friday motivation is almost complete!

friday motivation

Where: 52, Tolstoy lane, Janpath New Delhi

USP: Exquisite decor and vibe


This place lives up to its hype and you can head out to this place without even giving it a second thought! Be it the ambience or the food or the vast variety of drinks they serve (did i tell you it is a microbrewery too?) every thing is just on point.People also call it 'Instaworthy', You wonder why? Well, the place is so nicely done that even the ugliest of you would be able to click some nice shots which can be shared on insta (oops.).They have some real scooters parked inside which gives it a wacky look (don't try to steal them though please) You would love their friday events so just take-off and land straight in to this joint!

friday motivationfriday motivation

Where: Site 8-10, sector 29 Gurgaon

USP: Microbrewery and whacky interiors

So this is it for now, but there are so many places still left! We'll be covering them one by one so till then just wait for the next blog or you can comment below and tell us what you want next or if there is any place you want us to cover.Till then just have fun, be safe and start planning it out with your gang!

(why are you still here bruh?)