6 Easy Weight Gaining Dietary Tips

You may feel the need to improve your body mass, but you have no idea how. Just as being obese can have dire health risks, being underweight also is risky. Being underweight can be caused by not eating enough, diseases such as cancer, stress, or it even genetic.

A weak immune system, fertility problems, osteoporosis, and in extreme situations, early death are some of the health conditions associated with being underweight.

Easy Weight Gaining Tips

Gaining weight is a process that requires a lot of self-discipline, dedication, and patience. Your aim should be adding mass in the right way, while avoiding creating a scenario where you need to shed unwanted kilos. Your primary focus should be eating the right amount of healthy, nutrients dense foods at the designated time, complemented with a good training regimen.

Supplements to Add Weight

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If you lack adequate time to prepare your daily meals, supplements can come in handy. Supplements can be used to provide your body with the required amount of minerals and vitamins needed by your body that are not found in your daily meals. Weight-gainer shakes rich in carbs, proteins, and calories are also beneficial.

You can also purchase steroids that can help you pack up weight. Weight-gaining steroids, if taken in the right dose, and coupled with a good exercise plan, provide healthy and surprising results.

Eat More

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As already mentioned, being underweight can come about by failing to eat enough. Merely doubling or tripling the amount of food you take in a day can bring forth notable weight gain. Starting out can be a little tricky since your body will require some time to adjust. Try spreading your meals across the day; even if you are not feeling hungry, you may need to force yourself to eat.

Also, do not drink water before meals as it will make you fill up fast and lose appetite.

Taking an additional 500 calories a day can amount to almost half a kilogram of weight gain per week.

Make Proteins Your Friend

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Proteins are bodybuilding agents. Muscle is made up of proteins. A rich amount of amino acids – protein building blocks – need to be present in the bloodstream for muscle gain to occur. However, keep watch for the amount of protein you take in a day, it tends to make one feel full, reducing your hunger levels and appetite.

Taking approximately 1.5 grams of protein for every kilogram, in relation to your bodyweight, can produce significant results. Foods such as whole nuts, eggs, and fish are good sources of protein. You can also go for whey protein to supplement the protein content in your diet.


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Since you are eating a lot, regular exercising is essential. Workouts will help convert the calories into muscle. Activities to build muscle such as weightlifting, are right for your workout plan. Apart from gaining weight, you will also become stronger.

Avoid going hard on cardio exercises as it will burn all the extra calories you are consuming. Simple cardio exercises will improve your overall fitness and well-being.

Get Enough Sleep

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For total weight gains, getting adequate sleep is critical. A minimum of 7 hours sleep is good but if possible target an average of 9 hours per night. Sufficient sleep time is essential to help your body rest and build muscles. Also, your metabolic rates are lower compared to when you are awake.

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Stay Motivated

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Being jovial will go a long way in helping you keep the focus on weight gaining and appreciating the progress you make. Activities such as yoga, meditating or listening to music are perfect for boosting your spirits. In addition, be consistent with your daily eating and exercising routine.