4 Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills

Don’t worry if you feel you aren’t making progress as quickly as you might like, simply know that as long as you keep on writing then you’re moving in the right direction. It’s a well-known fact that the hardest part of writing well is wanting to write in the first place. So pull out that notebook and let’s get to writing.


Here are just a few simple tips to help you take your own writing to the next level:




1.Take risks within your writing.

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Keep in mind that there are always risks that you can take when it comes to improving your writing skills, take them even if you’re not ready to kill off your main character or go against what the teacher instructed you to write about. Settting yourself apart is the key to success in any field and that’s no different when it comes to writing. It may seem scary at first, but that’s because it’s new and unfamiliar. Stick with it for a little while and see if it yields the results that you’ve been looking for.

2. Connect with others willing to help you learn.


One of the greatest resources that we have when it comes to writing skills improvement is other writers. Great minds that is, great writers CONSTANTLY learn from those that they have connected with, both writers and non-writers alike. It’s not always about criticizing each others’ work or editing until your eyes feel like they’re going to bleed. Having a conversation just about anything, about what is or isn’t working can be enough to get that motivation to do better flowing.















3. Read as much as you have time for.


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 I write a lot that will never be seen by anyone’s else other than me. And I constantly have at least one thing that’s “in progress.” But more than that, I read even more. Now, this will probably come as no surprise but reading can teach you so much about how to write – even if you’re reading on a topic other than what you normally write about. It’s more about taking in the cadences of other writers so that you can compare them to your own rather than just learning where to put those periods and punctuation.

4. Write every day.

When you get into the habit of writing every day, it is evident that your writing skills will improve. As mentioned before, writing skills take upon hours and hours of practice and time. Don’t worry if you think you’re wasting your time –  you’re really not. Even if you’re just writing about your day in your personal diary before you go to bed, you’re improvising your writing abilities as you go.

5. Be patient + Believe in yourself.

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When writing, you need to be realistic with yourself. Sometimes what you write isn’t going to great, and that’s totally okay. Don’t be in a hurry, the point is not to write a best-seller or a perfect paper within one sitting, it’s much more about slow progress toward your final goal. You have everything it takes to be great, you just have to have the patience to get you to your goal. You’ll reach it so long as you stay focused at it. Stay strong, and keep writing.

What other tips might you offer to those looking to take their writing to the next level?